July, 2004

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What better day to start something than on my birthday? I’m going to give Blogging a try. Bear in mind that I love to write, but am a total technophobe when it comes to technology. So bear with this troglodyte as he tries to navigate through the blogosphere totally blind.

July 13th (Tuesday):/ Las Vegas NV: Happy Birthday to me!!  I had a good day. I put the doggies in a really nice Kennel (more like a “resort”) so that I wouldn’t have to worry about them while I was “out & about”. I also got a room at the Wild, Wild West Casino. It’s also a truck stop, so I didn’t have to worry about my truck either. I went to dinner with a friend, had a few drinks, then went to bed. 
July 14th (Wednesday):  
I picked up the doggies and just relaxed. Listened to the radio (XM), cleaned the truck, etc. I did take the doggies out to the desert so they could run “off leash” for a while.
July 15th (Thursday): I picked up a load destined for Salt Lake City, UT, (421 miles) and departed Las Vegas. It was a “trade show” load, so it was light (under 5000 lbs). The route for the load was due North on I-15. The trip was uneventful.
July 16th (Friday): Delivered the “trade show” load and picked up a load to Laredo, TX (1367 miles). A good load to start off the week. The route for the day was I-15 South to US-6 East (through Price, UT) to I-70 East (through Green River, UT) to US-191 South (through Moab, UT) to US 491 [formerly US-666 before they changed it due to the “Satanic” reference. It begins in Montecello, UT goes East to Cortez, CO, then Southeast to Shiprock, NM then South to Gallup, NM where it ends], I-40 East to Albuquerque.
July 17th (Saturday): Started off the day feeling a little “achy”. By the time I got to El Paso, TX, I was feeling so bad that I decided to “T-call” (drop in transit) the load there and seek Medical attention.
July 18th (Sunday): Went to Emergency Care in El Paso. I was running a fever of 101 degrees. Turns out I had an infected in-grown toenail that was causing my problems. They prescribed some anti-biotics and Motrin for the pain. I got a motel room for 3 days to recuperate. The fever broke later that afternoon, but I stayed for the 3 days so I could get into my shoes without discomfort.
July 21st (Wednesday): Picked up a load in El Paso going to Chandler, AZ. (387 miles) The route for the load was I-10 West through Las Cruses, NM and Tucson, AZ towards Phoenix. The trip was uneventful. My foot held up well.
July 22nd (Thursday): Delivered the Chandler load and went to Tempe, AZ to pick up a load of Coca Cola going to Albuquerque, NM (421 miles). The route for the load was I-10 West to Phoenix then I-17 North to Flagstaff, AZ, then I-40 East to Albuquerque, NM. The trip was scenic, but uneventful.
July 23rd (Friday): Delivered the Coke load. Got a load that picks up in El Paso and delivers in Memphis, TN. Good miles for a change (263 miles empty and 1069 loaded. Total: 1332). The route was I-25 South to Las Cruses, I-10 East to El Paso. From El Paso the route was I-10 East to I-20 East to Abilene, TX. The run was normal with no problems.
July 24th Saturday): The route for today was I-20 East to I-30 East through Ft. Worth and Dallas. Then I-30 East (actually Northeast) to Little Rock, AR, then I-40 East to Memphis, TN. No problems today either.
July 26th (Monday): Delivered the load from El Paso yesterday, but there was no freight until this AM because it was a slow week-end. I just kicked back at the truck stop for the rest of yesterday. Today I got a load out of our Swift terminal here in Memphis going to Chicago Heights, IL (486 miles). The route was I-40 West to I-55 North to I-57 North through Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois into the Chicago area.
July 27th (Tuesday): Delivered the load from Memphis this AM. Went to our terminal in Gary, Indiana to fuel, then got a load from Bolingbrook, IL going to Pueblo, CO (1038 miles). The route for today was I-80 West through Davenport and Des Moines, IA and Omaha, NE to Lincoln, NE. The run was boring and uneventful.
July 28th (Wednesday): The route for today is I-80 West to I-76 West into Denver, CO then I-25 South to Pueblo, CO. I dropped the load as soon as I arrived in Pueblo (2:30 PM).
July 29th (Thursday):I sat all day today waiting for a Dispatch. About 4:00 PM , the Denver terminal messaged me to grab an empty trailer and head up there to get a load. When I went to the Dispatch window in Pueblo to ask for an empty, they said they had none. They suggested that I grab a Red-Tag (broken) trailer and take it to Denver for repair, then use that to get a load out of there. The Terminal Manager for Pueblo overheard the conversation and intervened because he could see that I was unhappy with the proposed plan. We went into his office and he called Denver and asked if they actually had a load in mind for me, or if they were just going to try to find me one after I got there. Denver said that they had no specific plan. He then started looking through the available loads for tomorrow. He asked me if I had any specific requests. I said that I had no preference, just as many miles as possible. He gave me a choice of 2 loads (as well as the option of the above stated plan). I chose a load to Billings, MT (661 miles). It was 20 miles shorter than the other choice he gave me (Idaho Falls, ID), but had a much earlier delivery time on August 1st.
July 31st (Saturday): I picked up the Billings load at about 8:00 AM. The route for the day was I-25 North through Denver and Cheyenne, WY to Casper, WY. Then I-90 West to Billings. The drive went well.
Comments: All in all, a pretty crappy month. I drove 8574 miles loaded and 636 miles empty, for a total of 9210 miles. When you consider that about 10,000 miles is my break even point (due to truck payments, fuel, taxes, permits, etc., etc., etc.), I think that I may have actually lost $$$$ this month.

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