Life Day 23699: World No Tobacco Day

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Good morning individualists. Today is World No Tobacco Day, and for the 25th consecutive year, I will not be participating. This holiday was started in 1987 by the World Health Organization (WHO). I tend to ignore ‘holidays’ with the words World, Global, or International in the title as a general rule anyway.  This in not to be confused with the Great American Smoke Out which happens in November each year.

Today is also Hug Your Cat Day. Although I currently own two dogs, I’ve always admired the aloofness and independent spirit of cats, even though I’m convinced that they are waiting for the apocalypse so that they can emerge as the dominant species. If you are owned by a cat, give it a few extra hugs today, with its permission naturally.

Additionally, today is Save Your Hearing Day. Hearing loss can be attributed to a number of causes including health, genetic, and environmental. Environmental causes are the ones over which you have the most control. If you job requires you to be around high-decibel noise for prolonged periods of time, be sure to wear adequate hearing protection. Around your home, don’t listen blare your music at a volume which can be registered on the Richter Scale. Same thing applies when you are driving in your car. Never put anything smaller than your thumb into your ears to clean them. Take time today to learn other ways to prevent hearing loss. It is also a good day to schedule a hearing test with your Health Care professional.

Yet another holiday today is What You Think Upon Grows Day. Legendary thinkers throughout history have often said that “thoughts are things”, and “what a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. It is also said that “men are makers of themselves”. The gist of all this hoopla is that you control your own destiny. If you think negative thoughts, negative things will happen to you, therefore the converse must also be true. So, Think Positively.

The food related holiday is National  Macaroon Day. Macaroons mean different things to different people. To some they are a big ball of coconut, to others, they are they are a delicate, airy meringue. Both are delicious. Whichever kind of macaroon you like, have some today. 

Life Day 23698: Water a Flower Day

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Good morning horticulture lovers. Today is Water a Flower Day. This day is a reminder for you to water your flowers, all of them. I realize that the title of this holiday is in singular form, but how would you decide which single flower to water? Plus, in today’s litigious society, you could be leaving yourself open to a discrimination lawsuit if you single out just one single flower. Better to be safe than sorry. Also, it might be a good idea to add some liquid fertilizer to the water. A nourished flower is a happy flower.

I’m going to cut this short today because I have a doctors appointment, but here are a few more holidays today if you’re interested. Today is also National Senior Health and Fitness Day (kinda ties in with why I’m cutting this short), World MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Day, and Loomis Day. Click the link on ‘Loomis Day’ and through some occult process, you will find out why it’s a holiday.

And finally, the food related holiday today is Mint Julep Day. I can truthfully say that I have never had a Mint Julep, and since I seldom imbibe in alcohol these days, I won’t be having one today either. However, if you want to try one, click the link on Mint Julep Day, and through some sort of blogospheric Shamanism, a recipe will appear.

Life Day 23697: Learn About Composting Day

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Good morning ecology lovers. Today is Learn About Composting Day. You might be surprised at the number of things that can be composted. Everyone knows about yard trimmings, and vegetable waste from your kitchen, but did you know that you can also compost paper, cardboard and untreated wood? Composting is easy and it benefits the environment. Take the time to learn about composting today, then “Go Green” and start composting. Next Spring, you’ll reap the benefits of your endeavors and enjoy beautiful flowers and yummy fruits and vegetables from your garden with the satisfaction of knowing that you, in some small way, helped the environment.

Today is also International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.  Yesterday, we paid tribute to those men and women who serve America in the Armed Forces. Today, we should pay tribute to those who serve as United nations Peacekeepers. This holiday was created in 2002 by Resolution 57/129. It is celebrated today because May 29th marks the anniversary of  the creation of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) in 1948 to monitor the cease fire after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, which was the first ever United Nations Peacekeeping mission.

The food related holiday today is National Coq Au Vin Day. Coq Au Vin literally means Rooster in Wine (sauce). It is a traditional French peasant dish which is basically chicken (originally an older rooster) stewed in wine with salt pork, mushrooms, and garlic. If you want some for dinner, you should get started soon. It takes a while to prepare.

Life Day 23696: Memorial Day

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Good morning everyone. Today is Memorial Day. For those of you who are victims of “outcome based” education, Memorial Day is the day to honor the Servicemen (and women) who have gave their all in defense of this country. The roots of this holiday go back to the end of the Civil War. Originally, it was called Decoration Day and was celebrated on May 30th. In 1882, Congress changed the name to Memorial Day, and in 1971, Congress changed it to the last Monday in May to afford a 3-day holiday weekend. If your community still holds Memorial Day events, you should make it a point to attend one, some, or all of them.

It is also  Sierra Club Day. On this day in 1892, John Muir founded the Sierra Club to promote the conservation of natural resources and the protection of National Parks.

Additionally, it is Amnesty International Day. Amnesty International was created by British lawyer Peter Benson in 1961 after learning that two Portuguese students were jailed because they raised their glasses to toast ‘freedom’. They have since grown into an International Organization that fights for freedom everywhere. My research doesn’t indicate why Amnesty International Day is celebrated today.

The food related holiday today should be, in my humble opinion, be Hamburger Day or Hot Dog Day, but it’s not. For some reason, today is National Brisket Day. If you want to celebrate this one, you should already have your brisket in the oven, slow-cooker, or on the BBQ grill.

Life Day 23693: Tap Dance Day

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Good morning hoofers. Today is Tap Dance Day. You could interpret this holiday to mean that today is a day to “tap dance” around problems or issues at home or with colleagues at work, but if you do, you would be wrong. Today is Tap Dance Day because it marks the birth date of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, one of the premier tap dancers 0f all time. He was born on this day in 1878. If you don’t feel like taking up tap dancing, you can celebrate today by learning more about Mr. Robinson, learning more about tap dancing, and/or watching old films about tap dancing (particularly ones featuring Mr. Robinson).

I’m going to combine these next two holidays as they are somewhat related. They are  Heat Awareness Safety Day and Don’t Fry Day (get it? Fry Day/Friday).  Excessive heat is the #1 weather related killer in America. Each year, it kills more people than floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning combined. Take the time to learn more about precautions you should take during a heat-wave. Learn the symptoms and what you should do if you have a heat stroke.
No Fry Day refers more to exposure to the sun. Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and it marks the beginning of vacation season. If you are going to be out in the sun, be sure to wear sun screen. Pasty  Caucasians like myself need a sun screen with a high SPF (sun protection factor), like 60 or above. Don’t take chances. A “nice tan” today is the Melanoma of tomorrow.

Other holidays today include: National Missing Children Day, Towel Day, National Wig Out Day, Old-Time Player Piano Day, Nerd Pride (or Geek Pride) Day, and most importantly, Cookie Monster’s Day. You should determine which, if any, of these you will celebrate.

The food related holiday today is National “Brown Bag it” Day. Instead of wasting your hard earned money buying lunch today, pack a lunch at home and remember take it to work/school with you. If you’re retired, pack a lunch and go to a park.

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