Life Day 23734:

July 5, 2012 at 10:15 am | Posted in Today's Reasons To Celebrate | 1 Comment

Good morning everyone. I haven’t done a “Today is” post for a couple of weeks. However, today a couple of things caught my eye that I think are worthy of mention.

Today is Thursday, July 5, 2012. On this date in 1950, U.S. Forces engaged North Korean Forces for the first time at Osan, Korea. At the time, Osan, besides being a quaint little village, was home to a Korean Army base. It was hurriedly being converted to an Air Base so that it could be used as a supply point for ground forces. The attack by North Korean forces was eventually repelled, but in the aftermath, thirteen U.S. Security Policemen were found hanging from this tree.

I took this picture of the tree on a dreary day in mid-December in 1976 as a part of a project for a photography class. The tree was part of Osan AFB, Korea and was located on the base golf course. My choice to take the photograph using black-and-white film proved to be correct. It provides an extra layer of foreboding and adds an even more ominous effect – especially if you know the history and significance of the tree.

Today’s quasi food-related holiday is National Graham Cracker Day. On this date in 1822, Reverend Sylvester Graham created Graham bread. Graham’s bread was an unleavened bread made from Graham’s flour, which was an un-sifted, coarsely ground wheat flour with no additives or preservatives. He created his bread (crackers) to be “health food”. Rev. Graham was a leader in both the vegetarian and temperance movements of the time. He believed that preservatives and chemical additives in food made it unwholesome. He said that they increased carnal urges, and they also contributed to alcoholism, and if you used his flour your propensity toward these afflictions would be greatly diminished. [Before all of you male readers stampede to the cupboard to discard your Graham Crackers, you should know that the Graham Crackers made these days resemble Rev. Graham’s bread in name only. They are not made from Graham’s flour and, since they are sweet and not salty, they aren’t technically crackers either, but more resemble cookies (or English biscuits). Today, they are made from bleached, heavily processed white flour with copious amounts of sugar added, and should in no way affect your Libido or your ability to consume the occasional strong spirit…unless you get diabetes from eating too many of them].

And, if you were born on this date, you share your birthday with the following luminaries: P.T. Barnum (1810), Henry Cabot Lodge (1902), Milburn (Doc on Gunsmoke) Stone (1904), Warren Oates (1928), Katherine Helmond (1934), Huey Lewis (1951), Richard (“The Goose”) Gossage, (1951), and Edie (The Sopranos) Falco (1963).

Author’s note: I plan on still doing these occasionally, but not regularly. I may eventually start doing a weekly version where I pick through the historical events/holidays of a given week and highlight those that amuse or interest me. If you are my “friend” on Facebook, I might just do one tailored to you, or at least the day you were born.


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