Final Farewell to Wolfie

August 21, 2012 at 9:10 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | Leave a comment

Last week I picked up Wolfie’s ashes from the Palo Alto Department of Animal Services. There are three options available when you take your pet in to be euthanized. The first is to just have him/her euthanized, which costs $110.00 (they cremate all remains, and under no circumstances will they return the carcass to you for burial, not that I would have taken that option anyway). The second option is to have the ashes returned to you. This costs an additional $40.00 (you will receive the ashes in a plastic bag inside a nice wooden box. And the third option is to have the ashes returned to you with a commemorative plaque on the box. This costs an additional $15.00, for a total cost of $165.00. Of course, I went with option number three.  Wolfie’s is shown below.
I removed his ashes from the box and will display it [the box] in a prominent place in my house. After much deliberation, I decided that rather than merely scatter his ashes in the back yard, I would mix them in with some potting soil. That way, he will be helping things grow in the yard for a long time. He loved to “stop and smell the flowers”, so now he will help them grow. His ashes are now a part of the soil in the four square planters on the patio in the picture below (one under the umbrella, and the three on the left).

Wolfie spent his days since our retirement enjoying “his” backyard, and only came into the house at bedtime. He loved nature, and now he is a part of it.
What I miss most about him is not being greeted at the door with a smile every time I go outside, and because of his innate herding instinct, his need to be the last one through a door.
He is truly missed.


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