Life Day 23915: Drive 55 and Stay Alive

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Good morning speedsters. Today is January 2, 2013. Most Americans love their automobiles.  America’s large land mass makes public transportation impractical except in large urban areas. That is why when, on this date in 1974, President Richard Nixon signed a bill which created a national speed limit of 55 MPH, the bill was met with almost immediate disfavor by the population at large. This was a “Washington beltway”, knee-jerk reaction to the Arab oil embargo of 1973. It was supposed to reduce oil consumption and save lives, but it did neither to any noticeable extent. Within a year, many of the less populated, “flatland” states were issuing “fuel wasting” tickets rather than speeding tickets so that no points were added to/deducted from to an individual’s driving record (depending upon which method that particular state used to calculate driving points). Also, in many states, Law Enforcement began (never officially) enlarging the leeway given to speeders. When I began my truck driving career in 1987, it didn’t take me long to discover which states were “driver friendly” and which were not. Thankfully, the law was repealed in 1995.

Here are a few other significant things which occurred on January 2nd:
In 1788, Georgia became the fourth State to ratify the U.S. Constitution.
In 1872, Brigham Young was arrested for bigamy. He had 25 wives.
In 1892, Alice Sanger (age 15) became the first person to officially enter the United States through the newly created Ellis Island Immigration Station.
In 1935, Bruno Richard Hauptmann went on trial for the kidnap and murder of Charles Lindbergh’s  baby. He was later found guilty and executed.
And finally, in 1971, a federally imposed ban on television cigarette advertising went into effect.

There are a few “holidays” today. The first is Run It Up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes Day. This is the day to express your thoughts or ideas to your boss, co-workers, family and/or friends. Who knows, your idea might just get you that much deserved promotion at work, or reconcile a dispute with a friend or family member.
Today is also Happy Mew Year Day For Cats. (Hey, I just report them, I’m not creative enough to make these up).
Another “holiday” today is National Motivation and Inspiration Day. You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, now get motivated and inspired to get them accomplished.
And, the final “holiday” today is National Personal Trainer Day. You resolved to lose weight and get healthy, now get on with it.

There are two food-related “holidays” today. The first is National Buffet Day. I still like the occasional buffet. When I was an o.t.r. truck driver I ate entirely too many buffets, however. I still especially like a good breakfast buffet. Unfortunately (or fortunately), “real” buffets are rare here in the Bay Area. The closest one to me is a Hometown Buffet, about 14 miles away via surface streets, and even farther via freeway. I say “real” buffet because there are a plethora  of Chinese buffets in near my house, I’m just not a big fan of them. Anyway, maybe I’ll make the trek there tomorrow for dinner.
The second food holiday is National Cream Puff Day. Hometown Buffets usually have some form of cream puff among their dessert selections, so maybe I can kill two birds with one stone.

If today is your birthday, you share it with the following distinguished people:
Sally  Rand (born: Hattie Helen Gould Beck), 1904 (burlesque dancer and creator of the “fan dance”).
Isaac Asimov,  1920.
Julius La Rosa, 1930 (1950,s Pop singer).
Roger Miller, 1936 (“You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd”).
Chick Churchill, 1949 (Ten Years After).
Cuba Gooding Jr., 1968 (“show me the money”).
And last but certainly not least, Tia Carrere, 1967.


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