Life Day 23930: How are you doing on those New Years Resolutions?

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Good morning resolutionaries. Today is Thursday, January 17th, 2013. The first “holiday” today is Ditch New Years Resolutions Day. Those New Years resolutions that you made after your fourth “Long Island Iced Tea” on New Years Eve are probably hanging heavily over your head right about now. They have become a burden, and perhaps were not such a good idea after all. You didn’t realistically think that you were going to ‘become a better person’, or lose 20 pounds, or start a regular exercise regimen, etc, etc, etc, did you? Maybe, you’re already well on your way to accomplishing them, or maybe you have already checked a few off of your list. If so, good for you. Keep up the good work. This holiday doesn’t pertain to you. It pertains to the 99% of “normal” people who, if they haven’t already done so, are ready to abandon their ‘hair-brained’ notions and get on with their lives. Today is the day to do so. Next year, you might follow an example I set about three decades ago. I made one last resolution. It was as follows: ” I resolve to never make any more New Years resolutions.”
Today’s other “holiday”  is Kid Inventors Day. What do water skis, earmuffs, the Popsicle, the snowmobile, and the trampoline have in common? Give up? They were all invented by kids. Today, we celebrate the creativity, ingenuity, and spirit of inventiveness of our youth. (It is celebrated on Jan. 17th because it is the birthday of Benjamin Franklin, who at the age of 12, invented the first swim fins).

The food-related “holiday” today is not actually food-related, unless you count butter as a food. It is Hot-Buttered Rum Day.  Hot-Buttered Rum is basically a rum toddy. Hot buttered rum is traditionally made with dark rum, but these days light or even spiced rum are often  used as well. This link contains a recipe if you want to give it a try.

On this date in 1806, James Madison Randolph, grandson of  President Thomas Jefferson, was the first child born in the White House.
In 1871, Andrew S. Hallidie, of San Francisco, received a patent for a cable car system.
In 1893, Hawaii’s monarchy was overthrown when a group of businessmen and sugar planters forced Queen Liliuokalani to abdicate.
In 1900, Mormon Brigham Roberts was denied a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives for his practicing of polygamy.
In 1913, all partner interests in 36 Golden Rule Stores were consolidated and incorporated in Utah into one company. The new corporation was the J.C. Penney Company.
In 1916, the Professional Golfers Association was formed in New York City.
In 1934, Ferdinand Porsche submitted a design for a people’s car, a “Volkswagen,” to the new German Reich government.
In 1961,  in his farewell address, President Dwight Eisenhower warned against the rise of “the military-industrial complex.”
In 1977, double murderer Gary Gilmore became the first to be executed in the United states in a decade. The firing squad took place at Utah State Prison.
In 1985, Leonard Nimoy got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
In 1994, the Northridge earthquake rocked Los Angeles, CA, registering a 6.7 on the Richter Scale. At least 61 people were killed and about $20 billion in damage was caused.
In 1997, a court in Ireland granted the first divorce in the Roman Catholic country’s history.
And finally, in 1998, President Bill Clinton gave his deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit against him. He was the first U.S. President to testify as a defendant in a criminal or civil lawsuit.

If you were born on this date, you share a birthday with the following luminaries:
Benjamin Franklin, 1906.
Al Capone, 1899.
Betty White, 1922.
Eartha Kitt, 1927.
Vidal Sassoon, 1928.
James Earl Jones, 1931.
Shari (puppeteer) Lewis, 1934.
Troy Donahue, 1937.
Maury Povich , 1939.
Cassius (Muhammad Ali) Clay, 1942.
Andy Kaufman, 1949.
Susanna (The Bangles) Hoffs, 1957.
And, Jim Carrey, 1962.


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