Life Day 23941: Diet of Worms

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Good morning everyone. Today is Monday, January 28th, 2013. On this date in 1521, the Diet of Worms began, at which Protestant reformer Martin Luther was declared an outlaw by the Roman Catholic church. In this instance, the word ‘diet’ is used in its archaic form meaning a group meeting or council, (thankfully, not in reference to the latest weight loss fad). Luther had challenged the absolute authority of the Pope over the Church by maintaining that the doctrine of indulgences, as authorized and taught by the Pope, was wrong. Luther also maintained that salvation was by faith alone without reference to good works, alms, penance, or the Church’s sacraments. Luther maintained that the sacraments were a “means of grace”, meaning that while grace was imparted through the Sacraments, the credit for the action belonged to God and not to the individual. Furthermore, he had challenged the authority of the Church by maintaining that all doctrines and dogmata of the Church not found in Scripture should be discarded. To protect the authority of the Pope and the Church, the Diet of Worms issued the Edict of Worms on May 25th, 1521 denouncing Martin Luther.
Other significant events which occurred on this date are:
In 1807, London’s Pall Mall became the first street lit by gaslight.
In 1878, the first telephone switchboard was installed in New Haven, CT.
Also in 1878, “The Yale News” was published for the first time. It was the first, daily, collegiate newspaper in the U.S.
In 1902, the Carnegie Institution was established in Washington, DC. It began with a gift of $10 million from Andrew Carnegie.
In 1915, the Coast Guard was created by an act of the U.S. Congress to fight contraband trade and aid distressed vessels at sea.
In 1916, Louis D. Brandeis was appointed by President Wilson to the U.S. Supreme Court, becoming its first Jewish member.
In 1922, the  National Football League (NFL) franchise in Decatur, IL, transferred to Chicago. The team took the name Chicago Bears.
In 1935, Iceland became the first country to introduce legalized abortion.
In 1958, Roy Campanella (Brooklyn Dodgers) was seriously injured in an auto accident in New York. He would never return to play again.
In 1973, CBS-TV debuted “Barnaby Jones.”
In 1980, six Americans who had fled the U.S embassy in Tehran, Iran, on November 4, 1979, left Iran using false Canadian diplomatic passports. The Americans had been hidden at the Canadian embassy in Tehran.
Inn 1982, Italian anti-terrorism forces rescued U.S. Brigadier General James L. Dozier who had been kidnapped by the Red Brigades 42 days before.
In 1986, the U.S. space shuttle Challenger exploded just after takeoff. All seven of its crew members were killed.
And, in 1994, in Los Angeles, Superior Court Judge Stanley Weisberg declared a mistrial in the case of Lyle Menendez in the murder of his parents. Lyle, and his brother Erik, were both retried later and were found guilty. They were sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The first “holiday” today is Fun At Work Day. If you are one of the few lucky people who have a job they truly enjoy, good for you. Unfortunately, all of us are not lucky enough to have a job that’s fun to do. If you fall into this category, then today is a day just for you. Think of ways to make your job more fun and exciting. Look to do some fun things at work today, just be sure that it doesn’t interfere with productivity.
The next “holiday” is National Kazoo Day. Alabama Vest of Macon Georgia made the first Kazoo in the 1840’s. Actually, he conceived the Kazoo, and had Thaddeus Von Clegg, a German clock-master make it to his specifications. Commercial production of the Kazoo didn’t occur until many years later in 1912. Manufacturing was first started by Emil Sorg in Western New York. Sorg joined up with Michael McIntyre, a Buffalo tool and die maker. Production moved to Eden, NY where the factory museum remains today. Kazoos are easy to play. Simply hum a tune into the kazoo, and you’re an expert. If you can’t locate your Kazoo, you can try the old comb and waxed paper version.
Another “holiday” today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Like many inventions, bubble wrap was discovered due to the failure of another project. Two New Jersey engineers invented Bubble Wrap in 1957. Originally, they were trying to make a plastic wallpaper with a paper backing. When idea didn’t work, the product transformed into a cushioning packaging material. Everyone likes to play with bubble wrap. Don’t even try to deny the fact that when you receive a package in the mail that contains bubble wrap, your first instinct is to pop all the bubbles. Happy popping everyone.
The last “holiday” is Data Privacy Day. Take time out today to review your privacy settings on all of your electronic media. In today’s environment, you should really be doing this about once a month.

The food-related “holiday” today is National Blueberry Pancake Day. Do I really need to explain to you how to celebrate this “holiday”? Remember, blueberries are full of healthy anti-oxidants. IHOP, here I come!

If you were born on this date, you share a birthday with the following celebrities:
Sir Henry Morton (Dr. Livingstone, I presume) Stanley, 1841.
Arthur (pianist) Rubinstein, 1889.
Jackson (artist) Pollock, 1912.
Bernard Stanley “Acker” (musician) Bilk, 1929.
Susan (essayist) Sontag, 1933.
Alan (M.A.S.H.) Alda, 1936.
Barbie (Playboy/Hee Haw) Benton, 1950.
Sara (singer) McLachlan, 1968.
And finally, Elijah (actor) Wood, 1981.


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