R.I. P. Walter

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R.I.P. Walter:


Today, I had to have Walter, my “best friend” and constant companion for the last 12 years, euthanized. Over the weekend, Walter lost the ability to use his hind legs. His veterinarian was unable to determine a treatable cause. During her examination, she determined that Walter had diabetes, and an enlarged liver. She said that his lameness could be caused by a neurological disorder, a minor stroke, a pinched nerve, spinal problems, a couple of diseases that I can’t remember, or the above mentioned diabetes. Her recommended course of treatment was, naturally, putting him on insulin immediately for the diabetes, X-rays, and a plethora of expensive diagnostic tests over the span of the next couple of months to try to determine the cause, then possibly a surgery if it was indicated. Her prognosis did not include any guarantee that Walter would ever re-gain the use of his legs. Given Walter’s advanced age (about 13) and over-all weak condition, I reluctantly made the decision for euthanasia. I like to think that he is now in a happier place with his life-long friend Wolfie.

Walter was a “foundling”. He was Black and Tan. He was marked remarkably similar to Wolfie, my other “friend” that I had to have euthanized last August, (considering that they were entirely different breeds and are totally unrelated). When I first got him, the veterinarian estimated his age to be close to Wolfies’ (judging by dental wear and over-all condition) so I just “celebrated” both birthdays sometime on Memorial Day weekend. He was some sort of Spaniel/Terrier/whatever-jumped-the-fence mixed breed. His coat was “Spanielesque”, but I tried to keep it trimmed fairly short. (Less work for me). He weighed about 25 lbs and stood 10 inches tall at the shoulder. I found him (or he found me) at our terminal in Salt Lake City, UT in September of 2001. He had been abandoned there, or had found his way there after being abandon somewhere else. He was terribly frightened. I think that he had been abused by his previous owner. He eventually began to play with Wolfie, and when I went back to my truck, he followed. He jumped right into the truck. Oh well. The original plan was to get him cleaned up, get his shots, get him neutered, and find him a home. However, he bonded with Wolfie and I (and visa versa) so quickly that I soon realized he had already found his home. He played well with other dogs, but he would not let larger dogs intimidate him. He was a pretty much a “daddy’s dog”, although he had become much more trusting of people as he became more acclimated to his ‘new life’. Cats, unfortunately, were strictly for barking at and/or chasing. He disliked motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller-skaters, joggers, and anything else that moved suddenly. For some odd reason, he loved to bark at cows whenever we drove past a herd in a field. In the end, he was pretty much a “couch potato”, but when he did venture outside, no squirrel was safe from reprimand if he violated Walter’s “space” (which pretty much included his entire field of vision).

BORN: Unknown (sometime in mid 2000).
LIVED: Unknown; Daddy’s Truck; Palo Alto, CA.
DIED: April 2, 2013.
OCCUPATION: Beloved Canine Companion.
INTERESTS: Food, cuddling daddy, food, being a “watch doggie”, food, exploring dark places, food.
FAVORITE QUOTE: “Grrruff, Bow wow wow”
FAVORITE THINGS: Napping, treats, napping, lying in shady places, napping, rolling in the grass, napping, making “snow doggies”, napping.

He will live eternally in my heart.

Below are few pictures of him.

039_39 DSC00005 DSC00012
Left: First picture of Walter. October, 2001. Henderson, NV
Center: Walter with “ouchy paw”. A foxtail embedded itself into his paw & had to be surgically removed. August, 2002. Salt Lake City, UT.
Right: Playing with his BFF Wolfie. He had the upper hand fore the moment. July 4, 2003. Las Vegas, NV.

DSC00015 DSC00051 107254757125_3300_1 
Left: Walter opening his Christmas present. Christmas Day, 2003. Palo Alto, CA.
Center: Kickin’ back in the truck. March, 2004. Carlisle, PA.
Right: “Shaggy Walter”. Put that #&*@ computer away and rub my tummy please. December, 2004. Columbus, OH.

Left: “Hmmmm? What’s this?” May, 2005. Laredo, TX.
Center: Walter making “snow doggies”. January, 2006. Meadow, UT.
Right: “I’m king of the doggies.” March, 2006. Wild Wild West Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

P6260007 DSC90819_ 093 IMAG0149
Left: Frolicking in a big field. June, 2007. Jenks, OK.
Center: OH CRAP!! I’m gonna get wet. September, 2009. Big Lagoon State Park, CA.
Right: The last picture I took of Walter in our back yard. April 1, 2013. Palo Alto, CA.


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