Life Day 24029: This Day Is For the Birds

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Good morning bird brains. Today is Friday, April 26, 2013. The first holiday today is Audubon Day. On this day in 1785, John James Audubon, America’s foremost ornithological illustrator was born. His book, Birds in America contains contains 435 hand-colored plates. It was published in “elephant folio” format to accommodate the life-sized portrayals of birds upon which he insisted. It wasn’t until after his death in 1851, that a former student of his wife, George Bird Grinnell, started the Audubon Society.

The next holiday is Richter Scale Day. On this date in 1900, Charles Richter was born. He created the Richter Scale in 1935. The Richter Scale measures the amount of energy an earthquake releases by measuring the magnitude or seismic waves produced by an earthquake. The Richter Scale measures from 0 to 9. On the scale, each increase in number represents an earthquake 10 times more powerful. At 4.5 an earthquake can damage buildings and structures. At 7 on the Richter scale, severe and catastrophic damage can occur. Factoid: There are over 9,000 earthquakes every day. Most are unnoticeable, and thanks to Mr. Richter, today we can at least detect them.

The third holiday today is National Kids and Pets Day. National Kids and Pets Day celebrates that special bond between children and their pets. Children that grow up with pets learn responsibility and compassion, and having pets helps them develop social skills. This holiday also encourages parents who feel their family is ready for a pet to adopt fram a shelter rather than buy from a pet store or breeder. Adopt rather than shop.

The next holiday today is for all of you tree-huggers out there. It is Arbor Day. It is always celebrated on the last Friday in April. It was created and organized in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton in Nebraska City, Nebraska. An estimated one million trees were planted that day. Quite a feat considering the logistics involved in coordinating such an effort without the aid of electronic media. Today, Arbor Day is celebrated in many different countries, although the dates may vary depending upon climate and optimal planting season. If your community is holding an Arbor Day event today, I urge you to attend. Also, why not visit your local nursery, buy a tree, and plant it in your yard. Surely, you have room for one more.

The fifth holiday today is one for cat lovers. It is National Hairball Awareness Day. Hairballs form naturally during a cat’s normal grooming routine. Most of the fur that a cat swallows while grooming passes naturally through the digestive tract, but when it gets caught in the stomach, a hairball forms. While long-haired cats are most prone to developing hairballs, especially in the spring and summer when warming temperatures equate to more shedding, short-haired cats are not immune. Spitting up a hairball is painful for your cat. One of the best was to help your cat is by regular brushing. This removes a lot of the loose hair that they ingest while grooming themselves. There are also a number of hairball-control pet foods and treats on the market. If your cat has a persistent problem with hairballs, you can try a hairball lubricant like Laxatone that helps the cat pass the problem more easily.

The last holiday today is almost too frivolous to mention. It is Hug an Australian Day. I am not even going to waste my time expounding upon it. This link will provide you with all of the information you need.

The food-related holiday today is National Pretzel Day. How do you like your pretzels? Twisted or straight, soft or crispy, thick or thin, salted or unsalted. No matter. All that matters is that you have some of your favorite variety today.
Factoid: Pretzels date back to 610 AD in France. Monks baked strips of dough, twisted into the shape of a child’s arms folded in prayer. Add a little salt, and Viola, the pretzel industry was born.

On this date in 1986 – The world’s worst nuclear disaster to date occurred at Chernobyl, in Kiev. Thirty-one people died in the incident and thousands more were exposed to radioactive material.
In 1514 – Copernicus made his first observations of Saturn.
In 1607 – The British established an American colony at Cape Henry, Virginia. It was the first permanent English establishment in the Western Hemisphere.
In 1819 – The first Odd Fellows lodge in the U.S. was established in Baltimore, MD.
In 1865 – John Wilkes Booth was killed by the U.S. Federal Cavalry.
In 1906 – In Hawaii, motion pictures were shown for the first time.
In 1921 – Weather broadcasts were heard for the first time on radio in St. Louis, MO.
In 1929 – First non-stop flight from England to India was completed.
In 1931 – New York Yankee Lou Gehrig hit a home run but was called out for passing a runner.
In 1937 – “LIFE” magazine was printed without the word “LIFE” on the cover.
In 1941 – An organ was played at a baseball stadium for the first time in Chicago, IL.
In 1954 – Grace Kelly was on the cover of “LIFE” magazine.
And, in 1968 – Students seized the administration building at Ohio State University.

If you were born on this date, you share a birthday with the following luminaries.
Rudolf Hess 1895 – NAZI scum.
Bambi Linn 1926 – Dancer.
Carol Burnett 1933 – Actress, comedienne.
Duane Eddy 1938 – Musician.
Maurice Williams 1938 – Musician.
Claudine Clark 1941 – Musician.
Claudine Auger 1941 – Actress.
Bobby Rydell 1942 – Singer.
Gary Wright 1943 – Musician.
Donna De Varona 1947 – Swimmer.
Joan Chen 1961 – Actress.
Jet Li 1963 – Actor.
Kevin James 1965 – Actor.
Marianne Jean-Baptiste 1967 – Actress.
Jordan Brewster 1980 – Actress.
Marnette Patterson 1980 – Actress.
And finally, Jessica Lynch 1983 – Iraq war POW.


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