Life Day 24067: Repeat Day (I said Repeat Day)

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Good morning my OCD friends. Today is Monday, June 3, 2013. The first holiday today is Repeat Day. Repeat Day is the day to get your point across by repeating it as often as necessary. The key word in that last sentence is necessary. If you keep repeating something over and over after your point has been made, then you’re just being obnoxious, and you’ll lose your audience. It is also a day to repeatedly do something that you enjoy. Pick an array of activities, foods, or snacks that you like and repeat them again and again, This is becoming redundant, so I’ll move on to the next holiday. I think my point has been made.

The next holiday is Chimborazo Day. What? Wait. No, this is not about that delicious Spanish sausage, Chorizo; that would be a food-related holiday. Mount Chimborazo is an inactive volcano in Ecuador in the Cordillera Occidental range of the Andes. To understand its significance, you must first understand the shape of the Earth. The Earth is not completely round, but rather an oblate spheroid. In other words, it is round, but fatter at the equator. The top of Mt. Chimborazo is the farthest point from the center of the earth of any land mass that protrudes above sea level. Mt. Everest is the highest mountain above sea level at 29,029 feet. While Mt. Chimborazo, at 20,702 feet above sea level, is not the highest point above sea level, it is farther from the Earth’s center due to of its proximity to the equator. To celebrate today, research both Mt. Chimborazo and Mt.Everest, and have a discussion with you family and/or friends about the merits of each. While you’re having your discussion, remember the guidelines set forth in the preceding paragraph.

The third holiday today is American Space Walk Day.  On this date in 1965, Edward H. White II became the first American to step outside his spacecraft and let go. It is considered to be the first “space walk”, even though it was more like controlled floating. He floated/walked and maneuvered in zero gravity for 23 minutes attached to his craft by a 25 ft umbilical and a 23 ft tether line. He survived that space walk, but was killed on January 27, 1967, along with his fellow astronauts Virgil “Gus” Grissom and Roger B. Chaffee, during prelaunch testing for the first manned Apollo mission at Cape Canaveral. He was posthumously awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor in 1997 for his efforts.

The final holiday today is National Leave the Office Early Day. National Leave the Office Early Day is celebrated on the first Monday in June. The goal of this holiday is not to leave work unfinished, but to increase your productivity while you’re at work. Get all of your work done first, then go home. Productivity expert, Laura Stack provides these tips:
1) Tackle the task you like the least first.
2) For the first two hours of work, don’t open email or answer the phone; instead, use those hours to focus on the tasks that require the most concentration.
3) Stop flitting around from one project to another. Finish one before moving onto the next.
There are even some studies (however dubious) which say that occasionally leaving work early can actually increase productivity, attitude, and morale.

The food-related holiday today is National Egg Day. Eggs are said to have been consumed since the beginning of human life on the earth. The earliest documentation we have of female birds being domesticated to produce unfertilized eggs is in 3200 BC in India.  There are also accounts of the ancient Chinese, British, German and Romans domesticating birds to produce eggs for human consumption. Food historians believe that the ancient Romans and Egyptians were the first to use eggs as a binding and thickening ingredient in their recipes. A variety of different types of bird eggs are eaten around the world. The most common is obviously chicken eggs and the second most common, believe it or not, are ostrich eggs. One medium egg has 63 calories and 4 grams of fat. At 6 grams per serving of protein they are a great protein source. Eggs are however high in Cholesterol with 186 mg per serving which is about 60% of the average person suggested cholesterol intake per day. Depending on which study you read, the “incredible, edible egg” is either the most nutritious food available to mankind, or something to be avoided altogether. It seems like every year, there is a new study that comes out about eggs. “Experts” have said (within the last 20 years) “don’t eat eggs at all”, “eat as many as you want”, “eat them in moderation”, or “only eat the whites”. CRAP!! If the “experts” can’t agree, how the heck are we supposed to make an informed decision. Whatever. Unless you fall into the “avoid eggs” camp, enjoy some eggs today. They aren’t just for breakfast anymore. I find them to be “eggstrordinary”.

On this date in 1989 – Chinese army troops positioned themselves to began a sweep of Beijing to crush student-led pro-democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square.
Also on this date in history:
1784 – The U.S. Congress formally created the United States Army to replace the disbanded Continental Army. On June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress had created the Continental Army for purposes of common defense and this event is considered to be the birth of the United States Army.
1800 – John Adams moved to Washington, DC. He was the first President to live in what later became the capital of the United States.
1888 – “Casey at the Bat” the poem by Ernest Lawrence Thayer was first published.
1932 – Lou Gehrig set a major league baseball record when he hit four consecutive home runs.
1937 – The Duke of Windsor, who had abdicated the British throne, married Wallis Warfield Simpson.
1959 – The first class graduated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.
1970 – Har Gobind Khorana and colleagues announced the first synthesis of a gene from chemical components.
1999 – Slobodan Milosevic’s government accepted an international peace plan concerning Kosovo. NATO announced that airstrikes would continue until 40,000 Serb forces were withdrawn from Kosovo.
And, in 2003 – Sammy Sosa (Chicago Cubs) broke a bat when he grounded out against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It was discovered that the bat he was using was a corked bat.

If you were born on this date, you share a birthday with the following dignitaries:
Jefferson Davis 1808 – Confederate President.
Maurice Evans 1901 – Actor.
Jan Pierce 1904 – Opera singer.
Josephine Baker 1906 – Singer, dancer.
Ellen Corby 1911 – Actress.
Paulette Goddard 1911 – Actress.
Lily St. Cyr 1917 – Burlesque stripper.
Tony Curtis 1925 – Actor.
Boots Randolph 1927 – Musician.
Chuck Barris 1929 – Game show host.
Larry McMurtry 1936 – Author.
Curtis Mayfield 1942 – Singer.
Suzi Quatro 1950 – Singer.
Deniece Williams 1951 – Actress.
Dan Hill 1954 – Singer.
Scott Valentine 1958 – Actor.
And finally,  Anderson Cooper 1967 – Broadcast journalist.


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