Life Day 24087: Not My Type.

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Today is Sunday, June 23, 2013.
Good morning oldschoolers. The first holiday today is Typewriter Day. Typewriter Day celebrates that archaic machine that, in its era, revolutionized the business industry, and made communicating with others easier. On this date in 1868, Christopher Latham Sholes received a patent for the typewriter, which he called a Type-Writer. Other types of typewriters had been around since the early 1700′s, but his was the first to be both practical and commercially successful. Part of that invention was his creation of the QWERTY system of arranging the keys. I’m reasonably sure that Mr. Sholes didn’t coin the phrase QWERTY for his systematic arrangement of the keys on his type-writer, but his arrangement of the keys put the most commonly used letters (in the English alphabet) at the user’s fingertips. Unlike Mr. Sholes and for all intents and purposes the typewriter, the QWERTY keyboard is still around to this day, and is the standard on every computer keyboard manufactured today. How many of you still have a typewriter in your home? My old Royal, which got me through high school, college, and my first few years in the military served me well, but has long since been retired.

The next holiday is Let It Go Day. Let It Go Day urges you to just let go of whatever emotional baggage, grudges, or other issues you’ve been hanging onto. Sometimes we hold on to feelings, incidents, or events to the point that it becomes disruptive. Holding on to feelings of anger, regret, or resentment can have a negative effect on you relationships at work, with your family, or with your friends; and in extreme cases, actually lead to health problems. You cannot change the past nor can you control the future. Learning how to let go of the things that cause you stress will free you to deal with your relationships in the present.

The remainder of today’s holidays are either just plain too silly, or too namby-pamby to deal with in this Blog. Their links are below.
National Pink Day.
Pink Flamingo Day.
Public Service Day.
America’s Kids Day.
Ryan Moran Day. (Held on the day of the first full moon in June).

The food-related holiday today is National Pecan Sandy Day. National Pecan Sandy Day pay tribute to  those fabulous shortbread cookies which are rich with both butter and toasted nuts.  They are perfect with iced tea or milk or coffee. A sandy is a cookie similar to shortbread. It consists mostly of sugar, flour, vanilla, and some form of fat. While shortbread recipes almost invariably use butter for their source of fat, sandies are often made with vegetable shortening, margarine, or oil. A pecan sandy contains finely chopped pecans, which seems to be the most common form of sandy. Enjoy one, or two, or three for a snack today.

On this date in 1947 – The Senate joined the House of Representatives in overriding President Harry S. Truman’s veto of the Taft-Hartley Act, which limits the activities and power of labor Unions, especially those which affect interstate commerce. It is the act that President Ronald Reagan used to break up the Air Traffic Controllers Union (PATCO) strike in the 1980′s.
Also on this date in history:
1836 – The U.S. Congress approved the Deposit Act, which contained a provision for turning over surplus federal revenue to the states. [which is why the federal government hasn’t had a surplus since].
1860 – The U.S. Secret Service was created to arrest counterfeiters.
1865 – Confederate General Stand Watie, who was also a Cherokee chief, surrendered the last sizable Confederate army at Fort Towson, in the Oklahoma Territory.
1904 – The first American motorboat race got underway on the Hudson River in New York.
1931 – Wiley Post and Harold Gatty took off from New York on the first round-the-world flight in a single-engine plane.
1938 – Marineland opened near St. Augustine, Florida.
1952 – The U.S. Air Force bombed power plants on Yalu River, Korea.
1956 – Gamal Abdel Nasser was elected president of Egypt.
1964 – Henry Cabot Lodge resigned as the U.S. envoy to Vietnam and was succeeded by Maxwell Taylor.
1989 – The movie “Batman” was released nationwide. [by far the best Batman movie, in my humble opinion].
And, in 2005 – Roger Ebert received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

If you were born on this date, you share a birthday with the following list of notables:
Alfred Kinsey 1894 – Sexoligist.
Edward Patrick David 1894 – The Duke of Windsor.
Edward P. Morgan 1910 – Journalist.
David Ogilvy 1911 – Advertising wizard.
Alan Turing 1912 – Mathematician, computer pioneer.
Irene Worth 1916 – Actress. [she pronounced her given name I-ree-nee]
Larry Blyden 1925 – Actor, game show host.
Bob Fosse 1927 – Dancer, choreographer.
June Carter Cash 1929 – Singer, wife of Johnny Cash.
Diana Trask 1940 – Country and pop singer.
Wilma Rudolph 1940 – Track and Field Olympic Gold Medalist.
Rosetta Hightower 1944 – Singer (The Orlons).
Ted Shackelford 1946 – Actor (Knotts Landing).
Clarence Thomas 1948 – Supreme Court Justice.
Frances McDormand 1957 – Actress (Fargo).
Chico DeBarge 1970 – Musician (DeBarge)
And finally, Selma Blair 1972 – Actress (Legally Blonde).



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