Life Day 24103: Hop A Park Day

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Today is Tuesday, July 9, 2013.
Good morning park lovers. The only holiday I could find today is Hop A Park Day. July is National Parks and Recreation Month, and, as a part of this, Hop A Park Day encourages you to visit the local parks in your area, and to enjoy public space put aside for rest and relaxation. Larger or managed parks often host events on this day, from barbeques to sporting events. Why not see what’s happening in your area. then attend one, or more, of the events today.

The food-related holiday today is National Sugar Cookie Day. National Sugar Cookie Day is a day to satisfy your sweet tooth with one of Americas most popular crispy, crunchy, sweet treats. Sugar cookies can mean two things: a cookie with made without butter (i.e., with shortening); or a cookie topped with sanding sugar. Most of the large, decorated novelty cookies and “cookie bouquets” are sugar cookies. Sugar cookies are easy to bake at home, so why not serve a batch of freshly baked sugar cookies to your family today.

On this date in 1868 – The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. The amendment was designed to grant citizenship to and protect the civil liberties of recently freed slaves. It did this by prohibiting states from denying or abridging the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States, depriving any person of his life, liberty, or property without due process of law, or denying to any person within their jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
Also on this date in history.
1776 – The American Declaration of Independence was read aloud to Gen. George Washington’s troops in New York.
1808 – The leather-splitting machine was patented by Samuel Parker.
1847 – A 10-hour work day was established for workers in the state of New Hampshire.
1872 – The doughnut cutter was patented by John F. Blondel.
1878 – The corncob pipe was patented by Henry Tibbe.
1900 – The Commonwealth of Australia was established by an act of the British Parliament, uniting the separate colonies under a federal government.
1922 – Johnny Weissmuller became the first person to swim the 100 meters freestyle in less than a minute.
1943 – American and British forces made an amphibious landing on Sicily.
1951 – U.S. President Truman asked Congress to formally end the state of war between the United States and Germany.
1953 – New York Airways began the first commuter passenger service by helicopter.
1968 – The first All-Star baseball game to be played indoors took place at the Astrodome in Houston, TX.
1971 – The United States turned over complete responsibility of the Demilitarized Zone to South Vietnamese units.
1997 – Mike Tyson was banned from the boxing ring and fined $3 million for biting the ear of opponent Evander Holyfield.
And, in 2005 – Danny Way, a daredevil skateboarder, rolled down a large ramp and jumped across the Great Wall of China. He was the first person to clear the wall without motorized aid.

If you were born on this date, you share a birthday with the following noteworthy people.
Elias Howe 1819 – Inventor.
Nikola Tesla 1856 – physicist.
Clara Bow 1905- Actress.
Ed Ames 1927 – Actor, musician.
Lee Hazlewood 1929 – Singer.
James Hampton 1936 – Actor.
Brian Dennehy 1938 – Actor.
Richard Roundtree 1942 – Actor.
Dean Koontz 1945 – Author.
O.J. Simpson 1947 – Football player, actor.
Chris Cooper 1951 – Actor.
John Tesh 1952 – Musician, television personality.
Debbie Sledge 1954 – Musician.
Tom Hanks 1956 – Actor.
Kelly McGillis 1957 – Actress.
Jimmy Smits 1958 – Actor.
Courtney Love 1964 – Musician.
Scott Grimes 1971 – Actor.
Enrique Murciano 1973 – Actor.
And finally, Fred Savage 1976 – Actor.


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