Life Day 25012: Such a Trivial Matter

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Good morning  trivia buffs. Today is January 4th.
The first “holiday” today is Trivia Day. Trivia Day is a the day to dazzle your friends and family to the point of boredom with your knowledge of trivial bits of random information, much like these BLOGS do every day. You don’t even have to have much knowledge about trivia, just use this BLOG as a source. It will give you all the minutia you need to make an impression.  I am saddened to realize that much of the knowledge that I gained first hand is now considered to be trivia by today’s generation.
The next “holiday’ today is Dimpled Chad Day. Most of us had never heard of dimpled chads until the highly contested Presidential election of 2000. A chad is a paper fragment which is created when a hole is punched into paper and a dimpled chad occurs when the punch is incomplete. The dimpled chads that were created in voting machines used in the swing state of Florida caused a prolonged battle between George W. Bush and Al Gore as to won had won the presidency. It is also a good day to pay extra attention to detail…and to pay special attention to anyone you know named Chad and/or who has dimples.
The final “holiday” today is World Hypnotism Day. Aside from being fun as a floor show in Las Vegas, hypnotism is also used in a variety of other ways. Some people use it to stop smoking, lose weight or even sleep better. It might just give you the edge you need to succeed in some of your New Year’s resolutions. Meditation is also a form of self-induced hypnosis. I really don’t know how one would go about celebrating this holiday…unless you can mesmerize your friends with your knowledge of trivia.

There is also one food related “holiday” today… National Spaghetti Day. Have some spaghetti for dinner tonight. With or without meatballs. It”s up to you. I actually prefer mine slathered in sauce, refrigerated overnight, then reheated.

Some of the more significant insignificant events which took place on January 4th are:
In 1850, the first ice-skating club was organized in Philadelphia, PA.
In 1885, Dr. William Grant performed the first successful appendectomy. The patient was Mary Gartside.
In 1896, Utah became the 45th state.
In 1935, Bob Hope was heard for the first time on network radio as a part of “The Intimate Revue.”
In 1936, the first pop music chart based on national sales was published by “Billboard” magazine.
In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson, in his State of the Union address, proclaimed the building of  the “Great Society.” Really? How’s that working out?
In 1982, Bryant Gumbel moved from NBC Sports to the “Today” show where he became co-host along with Jane Pauley.
And finally, in 1999, Former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura was sworn in as the newly elected governor of Minnesota.

If you were born on this date, you share a birthday with the following list of celebrated people:
Louis Braille, 1809 (inventor of the alphabet for the blind).
Charles Stratton, 1839 (“Tom Thumb”).
Jane Wyman, 1914 (actress and Ronald Reagan’s first wife).
Don Shula, 1930 (longtime coach of the Miami Dolphins).
Floyd Patterson, 1935.
Dyan Cannon, 1937.
Kathy Forrester, 1955 (The Forrester Sisters).
And Dave Foley, 1963 (Kids in the Hall/SCTV).


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