What’s the Word #11 – Pyknic

March 10, 2016 at 12:02 am | Posted in Today's Reasons To Celebrate | Leave a comment

pyknic (pik-nik) [Click on the word to hear the correct pronunciation of the word]


  1. Relating to or denoting a stocky physique with a rounded body and head, thickset trunk, and atendency to fat.
  2. (of a physical type) having a fat, rounded build or body structure.
  3. having a short, stocky physique.

Word Origin:

20th century: from Greek ‘puknos’ — thick.


Because of Ernie’s pyknic physique, people often underestimate his physical prowess.

Author’s Note: I chose this word because, although it is pronounced like the word ‘picnic’, it is spelled differently and has an entirely different meaning.  Ah, English…no wonder no one want to learn the language when the immigrate here.


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