What’s the Word #30 – Logophile

March 29, 2016 at 12:02 am | Posted in Today's Reasons To Celebrate | Leave a comment

It is with a tinge of regret that I announce to you that I am suspending these “What’s the Word” posts, beginning tomorrow. This will be my last “What’s the Word” post…at least in this format.
As it turns out, I do have a life after all, and between my “Useless Fact of the Day” posts, and my “Today is” posts, and these “What’s the Word” posts, I am spending about 6 hours a day in front of my computer each day doing research and composing narrative. Something has to give, and I am choosing to eliminate these “What’s the Word” posts from the mix for now.
At some point, I may decide to start something entirely new and incorporate a scaled down version of all three into one daily post, but, I will continue the “UFotD” and “Today is” posts as usual until I figure out a way to accomplish the consolidation. Please bear with me until I get everything figured out, and I’m sorry if any of you are disappointed. Life goes on.

Now, the word that I chose to share with you today is logophile. Logophile is a noun which means:

  1. a lover of words.

Logophile comes from the Greek words lógos meaning “word, speech,discourse” and philos meaning “loving, dear.”

Example Sentence:

  • Although Ernie will no longer be posting a “What’s the Word” post each day, he will continue to be a logophile until he draws his last breath.

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