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Author’s Preface: I am making a few format changes to these posts from now on. Hopefully, you will find them more aesthetically pleasing and easier to read.
To begin with, I am eliminating the “Life Day” part of the title (who, except me, really cares how many days (or years, months, weeks, hours, minutes or seconds for that matter) that I have been alive.
The next change will be that the holiday’s title will be a stand-alone line in bold print. If the text is in blue that means that it is also a link to a website that will give you more information about the holiday.
I will also stop differentiating between “food-related” and “regular” holidays. If you are unable to make that determination yourself, you should seek professional help immediately.
And finally, I am eliminating the links in the “celebrity birthday” part of the posts. If you are reading these posts, you are perfectly capable of searching Google or Wikipedia on your own if one of the celebrities piques your interest.
Let me know in the comments if you like or dislike these changes and offer suggestions on how I can improve your reading experience. Now, on with today’s post. 

Today is Friday, April 29th. Good morning hookless fastener enthusiasts. The holidays today are:

Zipper Day

On this date in 1913, Swedish-American scientist and inventor Gideon Sundbeck received a patent for his “hookless fastener” – commonly known today as the zipper. However, this was not the first patent issued for an “automatic continuous clothing closure”. That distinction goes to Elias Howe who patented a cruder form of the device in 1851. However, around that same time, Mr. Howe also invented a little thing called the sewing machine, so his “zipper” was left by the wayside so he could concentrate on marketing that little invention.
In the 1920′s, the B.F. Goodrich company had a “new” product (rubber boots, or galoshes) that they wanted to bring to market that used Mr. Sundbeck’s invention. They coined the term “zipper”, and the rest is history. “Zippers” were soon found to have many applications and grew in popularity. They are functional, fashionable, infinitely adjustable, which helped popularize Mr. Sundback’s invention. Also, the US Army  stepped in as an early adopter of zippers which also contributed to their widespread use.
Fun Fact: Did you ever notice the letters YKK on your zipper and wonder what it meant? Well, YKK stands for Yashida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha; a manufacturing company based in Tokyo, Japan. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of zippers and manufacture well over 50% of zippers worldwide.

Arbor Day

The word arbor comes from the Latin arbor, meaning tree. Arbor Day is a holiday in which people and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. It has been celebrated in America since 1872 when a journalist named J. Sterling Morton created this holiday to encourage people to plant trees and to raise awareness about the importance of forests and plants. The event took place in the state of Nebraska, and local newspapers estimated that one million trees were planted that day.
Worldwide, Arbor Day has been celebrated for much longer. The Spanish village of Mondoñedo held the first documented arbor plantation festival in the world organized by its mayor in 1594. The place remains as Alameda de los Remedios and it is still planted with lime and chestnut trees. A humble granite marker and a bronze plate recall the event. Additionally, the small Spanish village of Villanueva de la Sierra held the first modern Arbor Day, an initiative launched in 1805 by a local priest with the enthusiastic support of the entire population of the village.
Today, Arbor Day is a worldwide celebration. People celebrate this holiday by volunteering their time to plant trees or donating money to preserve forests. Many schools plan a variety of Arbor Day activities like essay contests, art projects, and field trips to local parks to get kids engaged in preserving nature.
To celebrate Arbor Day, plant a tree in your yard. If your community is sponsoring an Arbor Day event, try to attend it.

“Peace” Rose Day

Judging from the name, you would think that “Peace” Rose Day is another one of those esoteric UN holidays that I despise so much. But thankfully, it is not. “Peace” Rose Day  celebrates a specific variety of rose. The official name of the Peace Rose is Rosa ‘Madame A. Meilland’.

Peace Rose

Peace Rose had its start back in the 1930’s. ‘Peace’ was one of many roses pollinated in June of 1935 by the commercial rose growing Meilland family whose nursery was located near Lyon France. In the summer of 1936 eyes from new seedlings were grafted to rootstock, and buds opened in October. The rose that was to become known as Peace was then one of many and was identified only by a number, 3-35-40. Over the next four years Francis Meilland, the third generation of the Meilland growers, together with his father Antoine ‘Papa’ Meilland, recognized the rose ‘3-35-40’ as the most promising of the new roses. In June 1939, there was an international conference of rose growers in Lyon France and 3-35-40 attracted widespread interest and praise by rose growers of many countries. Unfortunately, shortly afterward WWII started and France  was taken over by the Germans. To make a long story short, a piece of bud-wood from the 3-35-40 made it to America. The rest of the story of how this variety of rose ended up with the name Peace Rose is too long for this BLOG. To read the entire saga, click here.


Hairball Awareness Day

Hairballs form naturally during a cat’s normal grooming routine. Most of the fur that a cat swallows while grooming passes naturally through the digestive tract, but when it gets caught in the stomach, a hairball forms. While long-haired cats are most prone to developing hairballs, especially in the spring and summer when warming temperatures equate to more shedding, short-haired cats are not immune. Spitting up a hairball is painful for your cat. One of the best to help your cat is by regular brushing. This removes a lot of the loose hair that they ingest while grooming themselves. There are also a number of hairball-control pet foods and treats on the market. If your cat has a persistent problem with hairballs, you can try a hairball lubricant like Laxatone™ that helps the cat pass their hairballs more easily.

Greenery Day

Greenery Day Greenery was created in 1989. It celebrates the birthday of Japanese Emperor Hirohito in 1901. In Japanese culture, Greenery day is a time to commune with nature and to be thankful and appreciative of its abundance. To celebrate Greenery Day, take a nature walk, or do a project to improve or preserve nature; whether in your own backyard or for your community.

National Shrimp Scampi Day

Scampi is a culinary name for a kind of small lobster, also known as Norway lobster, Dublin Bay prawn, langoustine or, to avoid ambiguity, “true scampi”. The name is often used loosely to describe a style of preparation typical for this lobster.
In the America, “scampi” is often the menu name for a style of shrimp in Italian-American cuisine. The term “scampi”, by itself, is also the name of a dish of shrimp served in garlic butter and dry white wine, served either with bread or over pasta or rice, although sometimes just the shrimp alone. Most variants of the “shrimp scampi” come on pasta. The word “scampi” is often construed as that style of preparation and not an ingredient, with that preparation being called “shrimp scampi”. Since we are in America, I have to assume that Shrimp Scampi Day refers to the American version of scampi. Anyway, Shrimp scampi is easy to make, so enjoy some for dinner tonight.
Confession: I couldn’t wait to celebrate this holiday. Although, as many of you know, I dislike seafood as a general rule, I do enjoy the occasional crustacean. Shrimp Scampi is no exception to this rule. I had Shrimp Scampi as an add-on to my main course in celebration of  Prime Rib Day earlier this week.

International Dance Day 

World Wish Day

Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare

Viral Video Day

On this date:

  • In 1813 – Rubber was patented by J.F. Hummel.
  • In  1852 – The first edition of Peter Roget’s Thesaurus was published.
  • In 1861 – The Maryland House of Delegates voted against seceding from Union.
  • In 1862 – New Orleans fell to Union forces during the Civil War.
  • In 1879 – In Cleveland, OH, electric arc lights were used for the first time.
  • In 1927 – Construction of the Spirit of St. Louis was completed for Lindbergh.
  • In 1941 – The Boston Bees agreed to change their name to the Braves.
  • In 1945 – In a bunker in Berlin, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were married. Hitler designated Admiral Karl Doenitz his successor.
  • In 1945 – The Nazi death camp, Dachau, was liberated.
  • In 1952 – IBM President Thomas J. Watson, Jr., informed his company’s stockholders that IBM was building “the most advanced, most flexible high-speed computer in the world.” The computer was unveiled April 7, 1953, as the IBM 701 Electronic Data Processing Machine. This monstrosity filled an entire room. These days, your smartphone has more computing power.
  • In 1961 – ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” premiered.
  • In 1974 – U.S. President Nixon announced he was releasing edited transcripts of secretly made White House tape recordings related to the Watergate scandal.
  • In 1975 – The U.S. embassy in Vietnam was evacuated as North Vietnamese forces fought their way into Saigon.
  • In 1981 – Steve Carlton, of the Philadelphia Phillies, became the first left-handed pitcher in the major leagues to get 3,000 career strikeouts.
  • In 1984 – In California, the Diablo Canyon nuclear reactor went online after a long delay due to protests.
  • In 1985 – Billy Martin was hired, for the fourth time, as manager of the New York Yankees.
  • In 1986 – Roger Clemens of the Boston Red Sox set a major-league baseball record by striking out 20 Seattle Mariner batters.
  • In 1988 – The Baltimore Orioles set a new major league baseball record by losing their first 21 games of the season.
  • In 1990 – The destruction of the Berlin Wall began.
  • In 1992 – Rioting began after a jury decision to acquit four Los Angeles policemen in the Rodney King beating trial. 54 people were killed in 3 days.
  • In 1997 – Staff Sgt. Delmar Simpson, a drill instructor at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, was convicted of raping six female trainees. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison and was dishonorably discharged.
  • In 1997 – Astronaut Jerry Linenger and cosmonaut Vasily Tsibliyev went on the first U.S.-Russian space walk.
  • In 2003 – Mr. T (Laurence Tureaud) filed a lawsuit against Best Buy Co. Inc., that claimed the store did not have permission to use his likeness in a print ad.

Celebrity Birthdays:

  • William Randolph Hearst 1863 – Newspaper magnate.
  • Duke Ellington 1899 – Big Band leader.
  • Tom Ewell 1909 – Actor.
  • Celeste Holm 1919 – Actress.
  • April Stevens 1929 – Singer.
  • Rod McKuen 1933 – Poet.
  • Lane Smith 1936 – Actor.
  • Zubin Mehta 1936 – Conductor.
  • Richard Kline 1944 – Actor.
  • Tammi Terrell 1945 – Singer.
  • Tommy James 1947 – Musician.
  • Kate Mulgrew 1955 – Actress.
  • Jerry Seinfeld 1955 – Comedian.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis 1957 – Actor.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer 1958 – Actress.
  • Eve Plumb 1958 – Actress.
  • Carnie Wilson 1968 – Singer.
  • Uma Thurman 1970 – Actress.
  • Andre Agassi 1970 – Tennis player.

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