“Go Clean Your Room”!!!

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Good morning pack rats. Today is Tuesday, May 10th. The holidays today are:

Clean Up Your Room Day

The tradition of spring-cleaning dates back to the days when people relied on fire to light and heat their homes through the winter. After months of being shut up with no fresh air, everything in the house would be covered in soot and ash. Spring-cleaning traditionally took place on the first warm day of the season. The entire family would roll up their sleeves and move all the furniture and linens outdoors. They would then clean the house from top to bottom, scrubbing down the walls, beating the dirt out of the carpets, and dusting everything in sight.
If you’re normal, clutter accumulates in every available space in your room. Clean Up Your Room Day is the day to begin your spring-cleaning. Putting things away in their proper place and creating piles for trash and donations. Once you’ve decluttered it will become much easier to do the vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing, and do a thorough cleaning. Go through your closets and get rid of everything you haven’t worn or used in the last year. And,  don’t forget about those “dust bunnies” under your bed.

Windmill Day

When I mention windmills, most of you probably think of Holland, but before the industrial revolution here in America, windmills were a common sight here as well. Today, windmills are making a comeback as a clean, dependable source of energy. Granted, they aren’t the quaint windmills of yesteryear; but they are far more efficient.
“Windmill farms”  are cropping up all across America. As a truck driver, I delivered parts to “windmill farms” in both Wyoming and Texas on several occasions. Among the largest “windmill farms”  in America (the third largest, I believe) is the Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm just outside Tehachapi, California. It has the capacity to produce 705 megawatts of power annually.

National Lupus Day

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder where your immune system thinks that everything in your body is something to be destroyed. Ninety percent of Lupus patients are women, and Lupus does not discriminate as to age, or ethnicity. Its symptoms are often masked and it is often misdiagnosed at first. As the skin is the largest organ, that is where Lupus most often attacks, but it could just as easily go after your kidneys, lungs or any other major organs. Whether or not you know someone with Lupus, today is a good day to inform yourself about this deadly disease.

Sex Differences in Health Awareness Day

Sex Differences in Health Awareness Day seeks to inform people about the differences in healthcare between women and men that are often overlooked or misunderstood. For example, women and men often present different symptoms and warning signs for heart attacks. There are also many conditions that do not affect the sexes equally. Women are disproportionately affected by osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases, and depression, just to name a few conditions. Patients need to be aware of these differences and the impact they can have on the prevention, diagnosis, progression and treatment of disease as they pertain to gender.
Use this holiday to become better informed about the differences between women and men when it comes to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.

Trust Your Intuition Day

Insight, gut feeling, trusting your heart, a sixth sense, instinct. No matter how you describe, it, everyone occasionally gets that feeling inside that either causes a tense stomach, or causes a feel-good reaction. The trouble with intuitions is that we don’t always acknowledge or heed it. Intuition can steer you either away from or toward a situation. It’s not tangible, but it is recognizable if you’re open to it. For people who rely on rational, analytical, logical and objective decisions, celebrating this holiday might be a challenge, but Trust Your Intuition Day is a day to follow your first instinct anyway.

Mother Ocean Day 

Mother Ocean Day is relatively a new holiday, introduced for the first time in 2013. It is a concept conceived by the South Florida Kayak Fishing Club. The point of this holiday is to take a day to celebrate the vastness, beauty and wonder of the ocean.
Water is essential to human life. In fact, it is essential to all known forms of life. It is estimated that about one-quarter of the Earth’s species live in our planet’s 5 oceans. It is hard to ignore the contributions that oceans made to the development of civilization. For thousands of years, man has braved their waters, leading to amazing discoveries and a general increase in the knowledge of the planet we inhabit. Mother Ocean Day is a long-overdue celebration of our oceans in all of their majesty.

National Shrimp Day

Shrimp is America’s favorite shellfish. Most of the shrimp consumed in the United States comes from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and the Gulf Coast. Generally speaking, the colder the water the smaller and more succulent the shrimp.
Shrimp change color when you cook them due to a heat-induced chemical change in their shells.
Jumbo and colossal shrimp are called prawns – although the prawn is actually a different species. Shrimp are available year round: shelled or unshelled, raw or cooked, fresh or frozen. Shrimp can be enjoyed in many ways; scampi, shrimp cocktail, fried or grilled. They are all delicious.
Smell raw shrimp when purchasing it and look for an oceanside fragrance. Choose plump, juicy shrimp and rinse under cold water before tightly covering and refrigerating it.
Shrimp are one of the three types of seafood in which I partake, so my only dilemma today is to decide which way I want to enjoy mine.

One Day Without Shoes Day

Stay Up All Night Night 

On this date:

  • In 1503 – Christopher Columbus discovered the Cayman Islands.
  • In 1773 – The English Parliament passed the Tea Act, which taxed all tea in the U.S. colonies.
  • In 1775 – Ethan Allen and Colonel Benedict Arnold led an attack on the British Fort Ticonderoga and captured it from the British.
  • In 1840 – Mormon leader Joseph Smith moved his band of followers to Illinois to escape the hostilities they had experienced in Missouri.
  • In 1865 – Confederate President Jefferson Davis was captured by Union troops near Irvinville, GA
  • In 1872 – Victoria Woodhull became the first woman nominated for the U.S. presidency.
  • In 1898 – A vending machine law was enacted in Omaha, NE. It cost $5,000 for a permit.
  • In 1908 – The first Mother’s Day observance took place during a church service in Grafton, West Virginia.
  • In 1924 – J. Edgar Hoover was appointed as head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • In 1941 – Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s deputy, parachuted into Scotland on what he claimed was a peace mission.
  • In 1960 – The U.S.S. Triton completed the first circumnavigation of the globe under water. The trip started on February 16.
  • In 1968 – Preliminary Vietnam peace talks began in Paris.
  • In 1969 – The National and American Football Leagues announced their plans to merge for the 1970-71 season.
  • In 1986 – Navy Lt. Commander Donnie Cochran became the first black pilot to fly with the Blue Angels team.
  • In 1994 – The state of Illinois executed convicted serial killer John Wayne Gacy for the murders of 33 young men and boys.
  • In 1994 – Nelson Mandela was sworn in as South Africa’s first black president.
  • In 2000 – 11,000 residents were evacuated in Los Alamos, NM, due to a fire that was blown into a canyon. The fire had been deliberately set by the U.S. Forest Service to clear brush.
  • In 2001 – In Ghana, 121 people were killed in a stampede at a soccer game.
  • In 2002 – Dr. Pepper announced that it would be introducing a new flavor, Red Fusion, for the first time in 117 years.
  • In 2002 – Robert Hanssen was sentenced to a term of life in prison with no chance of parole. Hanssen, an FBI agent, had sold United States secrets to Moscow for $1.4 million in cash and diamonds.

Celebrity Birthdays:

  • John Wilkes Booth 1838 – Assassin.
  • Montgomery Blair 1813 – Politician.
  • Thomas Johnstone Lipton 1848 — Tea tycoon.
  • Ottmar Mergenthaler 1854 – Inventor.
  • Fred Astaire 1899 – Actor, dancer.
  • Charles McGraw 1914 – Actor.
  • Nancy Walker 1922 – Actress.
  • Pat Summerall 1930 – Sportscaster.
  • Gary Owens 1936 – Announcer.
  • Donovan 1946 – Singer.
  • Sid Vicious 1957 – Musician.
  • “Bono” 1960 – Musician.
  • Linda Evangelista 1965 – Model.
  • Jason Brooks 1966 – Actor.
  • Erik Palladino 1968 – Actor.
  • Amanda Borden 1977 – Gymnast.
  • Kenan Thompson 1978 – Actor.

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