Calaveras County Fair & Frog Jumping Jubilee

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I took a little mini-vacation to the Calaveras County Fair & Frog Jumping Jubilee in Angel’s Camp, California. It is a quaint local county fair that lasts for only 4 days. It begins on the third Thursday of May each year and concludes on the next Sunday. The highlight of the fair is the Frog Jumping Jubilee. The Calaveras County Frog Jumping Jubilee was made famous in renown author Mark Twain’s first short story, “The jumping Frogs of Calaveras County.” That distinction is what drew me to the event.

The Parade:

The festivities begin on Thursday with the Children’s Parade down the main street of downtown Angel’s camp (which is only about two blocks long). The parade has everything that you would expect in a parade…only on a much smaller scale.

The parade has floats, just like any other.
DSC01542R DSC01543R

It has local dignitaries riding in cars.
DSC01539R DSC01548R

It has local civic groups and businesses participating as well.
DSC01528R DSC01531R DSC01537R

Naturally, there were some vintage vehicles, (in this case fire trucks) and the U. S. Forest Service was represented.
DSC01541R DSC01544R
DSC01545R DSC01547R

Since this is the Children’s Parade, there were plenty of children too.
DSC01529R DSC01551R DSC01552R

With most local parades, there are the equestrians, and this one was no exception.
DSC01549R DSC01550R

And, what local parade is complete without a marching band and the reigning queen of something – in this instance, “Miss Calaveras Saddle Queen.”
DSC01535R DSC01554R

The Fair:

The fairgrounds are located about 2 miles south of Angel’s Camp in a pastoral setting nestled in the Central California foothills.

DSC01555R DSC01556R DSC01557R DSC01559R DSC01590R DSC01592R DSC01594R DSC01597R DSC01598R DSC01602R DSC01604R DSC01622R

The fair itself is a typical small County Fair.

There was livestock.
DSC01560R DSC01561R DSC01562R DSC01567R DSC01569R DSC01570R DSC01571R DSC01572R DSC01574R

There were vendors hawking their wares.
DSC01609R DSC01611R4 DSC01612R DSC01621R DSC01639R DSC01640R

There was a rodeo arena.
DSC01606R DSC01607R DSC01608R

There were plenty of indoor exhibits.
DSC01624R DSC01625R DSC01628R DSC01629R DSC01631R DSC01632R DSC01633R DSC01634R DSC01635R DSC01636R DSC01637R DSC01638R

One of the more interesting things at the fair was a modern day band of gypsies…a group of people who travel from fair to fair for about 270 days a year in “hillbilly ” RV’s. They put on 4 shows daily where one of them tells a story while another one shows of blacksmithing skills making a few trinkets, which they give away in a drawing after the show. Although you don’t get to see inside their living quarters, you can take pictures of the outside of their homemade RV’s, as well as other contraptions they have crafted.
DSC01575R DSC01576R DSC01577R DSC01579R DSC01580R DSC01582R DSC01583R DSC01584R DSC01585R DSC01587R DSC01588R DSC01589R

And was there a carnival? Of course, there was. And there was a good-sized display of hit & miss engines…which is far more entertaining to me than any carnival at this stage of my life.
DSC01623R DSC01641R DSC01642R

And, the main reason I attended this fair was the world famous frogs. Unfortunately, the day I went, there was not much frog activity. I did manage to get a picture of the stage, and a picture with my doppelganger… I mean a frog. I did get some video of one of the practice sessions, but alas, this BLOG won’t let me upload it. Oh well!
DSC01603R 20160520_130122R

All in all, it was a pleasant outing and a reprieve from my normal mundane existence. If I decide to attend again, I will definitely make it a point to see at least part of the frog jumping competition.








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