Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Day

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Good morning veterans. Today is Thursday, September 29th. Today’s holidays are:

VFW Day 

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Day is celebrated at VFW Posts and in communities around the world. It’s a day devoted to the organization and its dedicated members who are so deeply committed to serving those who bravely serve this nation. On this date in 1899, a small group of Spanish-America war veterans joined together to form what would become the nation’s largest and most dedicated group of combat veterans.
For 112 years now, the VFW has been unwavering in its devotion “to honor the dead by helping the living.” VFW and its Auxiliary members carry out their stated mission by promoting good will, patriotism and youth scholarship through national veterans and legislative services, military assistance and community service programs, youth activities and scholarship programs, as well as millions of volunteer hours in their local communities. 

World Heart Day

World Heart Day is an integral part of the World Heart Federation’s campaign to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease. The World Heart Federation has found that heart disease and strokes are the world’s leading cause of death, killing 17.1 million people every year –  more than cancer, HIV and AIDS and malaria.
The goal of World Heart Day is to improve the overall health of people by encouraging them to make lifestyle changes and promoting education about ways to keep your heart healthy. With the increase of obesity, poor diet, and the lack physical inactivity in children and young people World Heart Day is more important than ever.
Common causes of cardiovascular disease are smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and glucose levels – all of which can be overcome by living a healthier lifestyle. Just a few simple steps such as eating healthier, cutting down on alcohol and stopping smoking can improve your heart health and your overall well-being.
Take an honest look at your lifestyle and see where you can make improvements as you celebrate World Heart Day.

National Coffee Day

Coffee, for reasons unfathomable to me, is one of the world’s favorite beverages – over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year. It is a world commodity that is second only to oil. If you do the math (taking into account the small percentage of people, like yours truly, who dislike coffee; and those too young to drink coffee regularly) that 400 billion cups annually breaks down to about 5.5 cups of coffee per day for the average coffee drinker. That’s a lot of coffee folks.
But, where did coffee come from and how did it become so popular? According to legend, a sixth-century Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi discovered his goats frolicking from one coffee shrub to another. He realized the coffee berries had a stimulating effect, and he began to experiment with the seeds. A century later, brewed coffee emerged in Arabia and the popularity of coffee grew at an exponential rate.
If you are a coffee drinker, there are a number of local and national businesses offering free or discounted cups of coffee to celebrate Coffee Day 2016. Some businesses celebrate National Coffee Day by donating proceeds to nonprofit and charity groups. According to my sources, some of the National Coffee Day deals include: McDonald’s will donate coffee proceeds to nonprofit charity Covenant House; Krispy Kreme is giving away a free original glazed donut and a small coffee; At participating Dunkin’ Donuts you can get a medium hot coffee for 66 cents; At Peet’s Coffee you can get a free cup with any food purchase.* Be sure to check out your social media pages, as many companies use their social media pages offer coupons and advertise their National Coffee Day promotions. Also, check with your local barista to see if their establishment is celebrating National Coffee Day.
*At participating locations.

Biscotti Day

Biscotti are almond biscuits that originated in Prato Italy. the secret to their signature crispness is that they are  they twice-baked. Biscotti are the result of the need to preserve food for a long time. Twice-baked foods were often taken on long journeys and wars by Roman Legions. Since then they became a popular part of the dietary culture of Italy and eventually spread across the globe finding a new home in coffee shops worldwide.
The cooking process starts with a barely wet dough of flour, sugar, eggs, and unskinned/unroasted almonds, without any form of yeast or fat. This dough is baked once in a slab the shape of the biscotti and then baked again after being sliced into the signature shape known to the end customer. While the traditional recipe involves almonds, as mentioned above, they can also be made with pine nuts, walnuts, dry fruits like raisins, or just about any low-moisture ingredient you can think of.
If you’re feeling adventurous, here is a simple biscotti recipe you can make  at home instead of taking out a second mortgage to buy some at that trendy new coffee shop down the street.


National Poisoned Blackberries Day

National Attend Your Grandchild’s Birthday Day

World Maritime Day

On this date in

  • 1789 – A regular army was established by the United States War Department with several hundred men.
  • 1829 – The first public appearance by London’s reorganized police force was met with jeers from political opponents. The force became known as Scotland Yard.
  • 1930 – Lowell Thomas made his debut on CBS Radio. He was in the radio business for the next 46 years.
  • 1943 – Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Italian Marchal Pietro Badoglio signed an armistice aboard the British ship Nelson.
  • 1946 – “The Adventures of Sam Spade” debuted on CBS Radio.
  • 1951 – The first network football game was televised by CBS-TV in color. The game was between the University of California and the University of Pennsylvania.
  • 1957 – The New York Giants played their last game at the Polo Grounds. The next year the Giants were in San Francisco, CA.
  • 1962 – President John F. Kennedy nationalized the Mississippi National Guard in response to city officials defying federal court orders. The orders had been to enroll James Meredith at the University of Mississippi.
  • 1967 – The International Monetary Fund reformed monetary systems around the world.
  • 1977 – Eva Shain became the first woman to officiate a heavyweight title boxing match. About 70 million people watched Muhammad Ali defeat Ernie Shavers on NBC-TV.
  • 1982 – In Chicago, IL, seven people died after taking capsules of Extra-Strength Tylenol that had been laced with cyanide. 264,000 bottles were recalled.
  • 1983 – The War Powers Act was used for the first time by the U.S. Congress when they authorized President Reagan to keep U.S. Marines in Lebanon for 18 more months.
  • 1984 – Irish officials announced that they had intercepted the Marita Anne carrying seven tons of U.S.-purchased weapons. The weapons were intended for the Irish Republican Army.
  • 1984 – Elizabeth Taylor was voted to be the world’s most beautiful woman in a Louis Harris poll. Taylor was at the time in the Betty Ford Clinic overcoming a weight problem.
  • 1986 – Mary Lou Retton announced that she was retiring from gymnastics.
  • 1988 – The space shuttle Discovery took off from Cape Canaveral in Florida. It was the first manned space flight since the Challenger disaster.
  • 1990 – “Millie’s Book” by First Lady Barbara Bush was the best-selling non-fiction book in the United States.
  • 1993 – Bosnia’s parliament voted overwhelmingly to reject an international peace plan unless Bosnian Serbs returned land that had been taken by force.
  • 1994 – The House of Representatives voted to end the practice of lobbyists buying meals and entertainment for members of Congress.

Celebrity Birthdays


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