Sergeant York

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Good morning patriots. Today is Saturday, October 8th. Today’s holidays are:

Alvin C. York Day

I know, “Who is Alvin C. York, and why does he deserve his own holiday?” Alvin C. York was a war hero and one of the most decorated soldiers in WWI – among which were the Congressional Medal of Honor and  French Croix de Guerre. While in the Argonne Forest, France, and separated from his patrol, Sergeant Alvin C. York killed 20 enemy soldiers and captured a hill, 132 enemy soldiers, and 35 machine guns. The 1941 Howard Hawks film, Sergeant York, starring Gary Cooper in the title role, is based on his exploits. Ironically, York had petitioned for exemption from the draft as a conscientious objector on religious grounds but was turned down by his local draft board. To learn more about this remarkable man, click this link.

American Touch Tag Day

Whether you call it tag, touch, touch tag, It, or any of its many variant names, the game of “tag” has been around for thousands of years; dating back to before Ancient Egypt. Virtually every child on this planet has played some form of this popular childhood game.
But why should children have all the fun? American Touch Tag Day encourages each of us to tune into our ‘inner child’ today and engage in a game of “touch tag”. Gather your family together and go out in the backyard and play some “tag”. You’re It! Go

National Pierogi Day

Pierogi (pronounced PYEH-roe-gy and also spelled pierogy and a dozen other variations) is a stuffed dumpling, usually in a half-moon shape, that can be boiled, baked or fried. Although many Americans refer to “pierogies,“ the word “pirogi” is the plural form. The singular form is pieróg.
A form of stuffed pasta, pierogi are related to Italian ravioli and tortellini, the Ashkenazi Jewish kreplach, the Chinese wonton, the Japanese gyoza and many other “pillow pastas” (stuffed pasta dough) enjoyed by cultures worldwide.
Popular pierogi stuffings include cabbage, cheese, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, meat, onions, sauerkraut, spinach and other ingredients, alone or in combination. There are also fruit-filled dessert pierogi, stuffed with apple, berry, cherry, peach, plum and prune fillings.
Pierogi-making in the United States blossomed at the beginning of the 20th century, with the influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe. In the 1940’s, pierogi became a staple of church fundraisers in Eastern European neighborhoods of the Northeast and Upper Midwest.

National Fluffernutter Day

A Fluffernutter sandwich is a sandwich made of bread, marshmallow fluff (marshmallow creme), and peanut butter.
Marshmallow candy can be traced back to ancient Egypt when people began to harvest the marshmallow plant (Althaea officinalis). During the 19th century, French pharmacists extracted the juice from marshmallow plants and heated it with egg whites and sugar, creating a marshmallow cream.
Credit for creating this gourmet culinary delicacy goes to Emma Curtis, co-owner of the Curtis Marshmallow Factory, makers of Snowflake Marshmallow Creme. She was charged with creating recipes using this new product. During WWI, Americans were urged to forego meat for one meal a week. Ms. Curtis came up with this sandwich as an alternative to meat. So, have a Fluffernutter sandwich today. All you need is bread, marshmallow fluff, and peanut butter. The proportions are up to you.

International African Penguin Awareness Day  

National Chess Day

National Costume Swap Day – Second Saturday in October.

National Face Your Fears Day 

National Motorcycle Ride Day – Second Saturday in October.

World Octopus Day

On this date in

  • 1895 – The Berliner Gramophone Company was founded in Philadelphia, PA.
  • 1919 – The first transcontinental air race in the United States began.
  • 1938 – The cover of “The Saturday Evening Post” portrayed Norman Rockwell.
  • 1944 – “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” debuted on CBS radio.
  • 1945 – President Truman announced that only Britain and Canada would be given the secret to the atomic bomb.
  • 1956 – Don Larsen (New York Yankees) pitched the first perfect game in the history of the World Series.
  • 1957 – The Brooklyn Baseball Club announced that it had accepted a deal to move the Dodgers to Los Angeles.
  • 1966 – The United States Government declared that LSD was dangerous and an illegal substance.
  • 1981 – President Reagan greeted former Presidents Carter, Ford, and Nixon at the White House. The group was preparing to leave for Egypt to attend the funeral of Anwar Sadat.
  • 1991 – A slave burial site was found by construction workers in lower Manhattan. The “Negro Burial Ground” had been closed in 1790. Over a dozen skeletons were found.
  • 1993 – The United States government issued a report absolving the FBI of any wrongdoing in its final assault in Waco, TX, on the Branch Davidian compound. The fire that ended the siege killed as many as 85 people.
  • 1998 – Taliban forces attacked Iranian border posts. Iran said that three border posts were destroyed before the Taliban forces were forced to retreat. The Taliban of Afghanistan denied the event occurred.
  • 1998 – Canada and Netherlands were voted into the United Nations Security Council.
  • 2001 – Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania, was sworn in as director of the new United States Department of Homeland Security.
  • 2001 – Rush Limbaugh announced to his listeners that he was totally deaf in his left ear and had only partial hearing in his right ear. The condition had happened in a three month period.
  • 2001 – Two Russian cosmonauts made the first spacewalk conducted outside of the international space station without a shuttle present.
  • 2002 – A federal judge approved President George W. Bush’s request to reopen West Coast ports, to end a caustic 10-day labor lockout. The lockout was costing the United States economy an estimated $1 billion to $2 billion a day.
  • 2003 – Vietnam and the United States reached a tentative agreement that would allow the first commercial flights between the two countries since the end of the Vietnam War.
  • 2003 – Siegfried Fischbacher and his manager announced that the “Siegfried and Roy” show at the Mirage was canceled permanently. It was also said that if Roy Horn survived, after a tiger attack on October 3, the duo would continue to work together.

Celebrity Birthdays


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