Cyber Monday

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Good morning cyber shoppers.Today is Monday, November 28th. The holidays today are:

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the third side of the ‘retail triangle’ designed to separate you from your hard-earned dollars at the official start of the Christmas shopping season. It is the online counterpart to Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Celebrated on the Monday after Thanksgiving, this popular online shopping day was first created in 2005 by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online. The term Cyber Monday was coined by Ellen Davis, the Senior Vice President of the National Retail Federation.
Just like their brick and mortar cousins on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, online retailers hope to realize a spike in sales on Cyber Monday. Sales on the first Cyber Monday were about $450 million dollars, but as Cyber Monday caught on, sales increased. In 2006, sales were up 25% to a little over $600 million, and by 2010, sales topped $1 billion dollars for the first time. The latest sales figures, for 2015, showed that shoppers spent $2.28 billion dollars on this holiday. In 2015, online shoppers spent an average of $124.00 per person for Cyber Monday – with 46% of people using credit cards, 43% using debit cards with the rest using online pay services such as PayPal. Social media has also ramped up the advertising opportunities, bringing even more potential shoppers to retailers’ on-line stores. Cyber Monday shopping is expected to be up again this year with a predicted $3-billion in sales.
As technology emerges, so do the ways people do their online shopping. Purchases using mobile devices have increased significantly, adding to the convenience of Cyber Monday. No longer do you have to be strapped to your PC or Mac in order to make an on-line purchase. Last year, 41.2% of all Cyber Monday transactions were done on a smartphone or tablet.
But, what the heck are these people spending their money on? The most popular on-line purchases on Cyber Monday tend to be tech items…especially wearable technology and the traditional small appliances, clothing, gift cards and digital media.
I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you about cyber security. While you are doing your online shopping, make sure that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your personal information. Buy only from reputable online retailers that you trust. It’s not a good deal if someone steals your credit card information, or worse yet, your identity.

Red Planet Day

Red Planet Day commemorates the launch of the Spacecraft Mariner 4 on November 28,1964. The 228-day mission of Mariner 4 brought the spacecraft within 6,118 miles of Mars on July 14, 1965. It honors our closest celestial neighbor, the fourth planet in the solar system. In the 8 months that it was on its mission, the Mariner 4 became the first spacecraft to successfully fly by Mars. It also gave the world the first close-up images of Mars. Since then several exploratory missions have been sent to Mars to gather data about the planet.
Today, 5 spacecraft orbit Mars and 2 spacecraft – the Curiosity Rover and the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity – are on the planet’s surface. All 7 send an incredible amount of data about the planet back to astronomers on Earth.
Mars is similar to Earth in many ways – it has the same rotational period and seasonal cycles – Mars has 2 moons, Deimos and Phobos, and has the largest volcano, Olympus Mons, in the Solar System. Because of its similarity to Earth, many astronomers and scientists believe that at some point in its history Mars may have been a hospitable planet for life. Exploration of Mars has been high on the agenda of the space programs of many countries. NASA, the American space agency has estimated that it could send humans to the Red Planet by the 2030’s.
The planet Mars is referred to as the “Red Planet” because it appears red when viewed from Earth. Scientists speculate that it gets its red hue from the high amount of iron oxide (rust) on its surface.
On Red Planet Day, take a few minutes to look upwards into the sky, and gaze at our neighbor. Hopefully, you will have a cloudless night sky for viewing. You can also recognize this holiday by reading up about Mars and viewing pictures of it. There are plenty of pictures online.
Because of its proximity to Earth, there is much debate about whether or not life ever existed on mars. Marvin the Martian, Bugs Bunny’s nemesis in a number Warner Brother’s cartoons, weighs in on the ‘yes’ side of the argument – and will “scrooch” you if you disagree.
Below are some interesting facts about Mars.

  • Mars is the fourth Planet from the Sun.
  • Mars gets it’s name from the Greek word “Ares”, the God of War
  • Mars is often visible to the naked eye in the night sky.
  •  The distance of Mars from the Sun averages 136,764,000 miles.
  • Mars’ rotation around the Sun takes 687 Earth days.
  • Mars’ rotation period: 1.026 Earth days.
  • Mars’ gravity is 1/3 that of Earth.
  • Mars is the 7th largest planet, about 1/10th the mass of Earth.
  • Mars’  temperature range is -207 to +81 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Mar’s atmosphere is nothing like the Earth’s. It’s thin and composed mostly of carbon dioxide.
  • A man who weighed 100 pounds on Earth would weigh only 38 pounds on Mars because of the difference in gravity.

Make Your Own Head Day

Well, this holiday makes no sense to me. I think whoever created this holiday was prematurely dipping into the holiday eggnog. From what I gather from my sources, you are supposed to make a piece of art in your own image.
Aside from the literal translation, this holiday could also be interpreted to mean that you should make up your own mind, take some time for self-reflection, or just be yourself. Stop trying to wear someone else’s hat if it doesn’t fit. Or, perhaps this holiday is about your perception of yourself; in other words, how you see yourself as compared to what others see. I just don’t know. There was an interesting video on YouTube a while ago where a forensic artist drew a picture of a group of women according to the way they described themselves, then drew another picture of that person according to the way another person described them. The artist was behind a curtain and couldn’t see the subject. The results were surprising.

It’s Letter Writing Day

The first skywriting occurred on this date in 1922. Captain Cyril Turner, British Royal Air Force ace pilot, flies into position over New York City, spelling out “HELLO USA CALL VANDERBILT 7200” in plumes of white smoke. Over 47,000 people call. The telephone number is that of the Vanderbilt Hotel, where George Hill, president of the American Tobacco Company, is sitting with skywriting pioneer and RAF pilot John Savage. So convinced is Mr. Hill by this exhibition that he lets Savage use such skywriting advertisements to promote Lucky Strike Cigarettes and the first widespread commercial use of skywriting is born.
It’s Letter Writing Day urges you to take a more conventional approach to communication and use the cursive alphabet that your teachers so painstakingly tried to teach you in Elementary School. Write some letters to your friends and distant family today. They’ll be glad to hear from you. [You can also use It’s Letter Writing Day to compose that epic tome that you include in your Christmas cards updating your friends and family on the happenings in your life over the last year…since your last Christmas card].

National French Toast Day

French Toast is the perfect way to start your day. The basic recipe for French Toast is bread, milk, eggs, vanilla, and some sugar and cinnamon, and then topped with delicious maple syrup, but many variations of this classic breakfast can be found around the world.
The origin of French Toast is unknown, but recipes date back to the sixteenth century in Europe and although we tend to call it French Toast, the dish didn’t originate in France. Some ancient Latin recipes from the 4th-century mention soaking bread in milk before frying What we in America know as French Toast has many other names depending on where you are from, including – eggy bread, German toast, and Bombay toast – but they all start with the same basic ingredients in mentioned above. Prior to the Hundred Years War, French toast was known in England as “poor knight’s pudding” because it was a simple and inexpensive dish that a knight with no money could afford. In France, it was called “pan perdu” or lost bread, because it was a way of using lost or stale bread.
Regardless of what you call it, treat your family to some French Toast for breakfast this morning.

Throw Out Your Leftovers Day

It has been five days since Thanksgiving and it’s time to either finish off your leftovers or throw them out. It only takes a few days for leftover food to go bad. Bacteria can grow in any food that needs refrigerating when left at room temperature for longer than two hours, so, after a couple of days of heating and cooling and heating and cooling your leftovers, it’s best to throw after a few days to avoid the risk of food-bourne illness.

On this date in

  • 1520 – Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reached the Pacific Ocean after passing through the South American strait. The strait was named after him. He was the first European to sail the Pacific from the east.
  • 1919 – American-born Lady Astor was elected the first female member of the British Parliament
  • 1925 – The Grand Ole Opry made its radio debut on station WSM.
  • 1934 – Notorious bank robber George “Baby Face” Nelson was killed by FBI agents near Barrington, IL.
  • 1942 – A fire destroyed the Coconut Grove in Boston. 491 people died in that fire.
  • 1943 – President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin met in Tehran to map out strategy concerning World War II.
  • 1953 – New York City began 11 days without newspapers due to a strike of photoengravers.
  • 1958 – The African nation of Chad became an autonomous republic within the French community.
  • 1963 – President Johnson announced that Cape Canaveral would be renamed Cape Kennedy in honor of his assassinated predecessor. The name was changed back to Cape Canaveral in 1973 by a vote of residents.
  • 1977 – Larry Bird was introduced as “College Basketball’s Secret Weapon” with a cover story in Sports Illustrated.
  • 1978 – The Iranian government banned religious marches.
  • 1979 – An Air New Zealand DC-10 flying to the South Pole crashed in Antarctica killing all 257 people aboard.
  • 1983 – The space shuttle Columbia took off with the STS-9 Spacelab in its cargo bay.
  • 1985 – The Irish Senate approved the Anglo-Irish accord concerning Northern Ireland.
  • 1987 – A South African Airways Boeing 747 crashed into the Indian Ocean. All 159 people aboard were killed.
  • 1989 – Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci arrived in New York after escaping her homeland through Hungary.
  • 1990 – Margaret Thatcher resigned as prime minister of Britain.
  • 1992 – In Bosnia-Herzegovina, 137 tons of food and supplies were to be delivered to the isolated town of Srebrenica.
  • 1992 – In King William’s Town, South Africa, black militant gunmen attacked a country club killing four people and injuring 20.
  • 1994 – Jeffrey Dahmer, a convicted serial killer, was clubbed to death in a Wisconsin prison by a fellow inmate.
  • 1994 – Norwegian voters rejected European Union membership.
  • 1995 – President Clinton signed a $6 billion road bill that ended the federal 55 mph speed limit.
  • 2010 – WikiLeaks released to the public more than 250,000 United States diplomatic cables. About 100,000 were marked “secret” or “confidential.”

Noteworthy Birthdays


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