January 4th – Dimpled Chad

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January is one of the newer months to the calendar we know today. It was named after the God of Beginnings and transitions, Janus.  In Latin, Januarius means the month of Janus.  It was added to the calendar with 29 days around 713 BC by King Numa Pompilius to conform with the lunar calendar. Julius Caesar gave it the 31 days when he created the Julian Calendar, and it still has 31 days after the transition to the modern Gregorian calendar.

Dimpled Chad Day

Surprisingly, Dimpled Chad Day does not celebrate spoiled, rich, Ivy League college preppies named Chad with dimples. Instead, it refers to one of the controversies highlighted in the bitterly and closely contested 2000 Presidential election.
Most of us had never heard of dimpled chads until the highly contested Presidential election of 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore. Dimpled chads were just one of the many points of contention in that fateful election. It finally took a decision by the Supreme Court to declare a winner.
A chad is created when an indent is created in a ballot, but the hole is not completely punched out.  The dimpled chads, which were created by some voting machines used in the swing state of Florida, caused a prolonged battle between the Democrats and Republicans. When all of the furor finally ended, George W. Bush was declared the winner. In my humble opinion, the “sour grapes” created by this decision on both sides created a fundamental divide between Democrats and Republicans that is still alive to this day. It his evident in the way the republicans treated President Obama as well as the way The Democrats are treating President-elect Trump today.
If the results of that election still make you nauseous, you can celebrate Dimpled Chad Day in other ways. You can use this holiday to pay closer attention to detail…or to pay special attention to anyone you know named Chad, with or without dimples.

Trivia Day

Trivia Day is a day to dazzle your friends and family to the point of boredom with your knowledge of trivial bits of random information, much like these BLOGS do every day. You don’t even have to have much knowledge about trivia, just use this BLOG as a source. It will give you all the minutia you need to make an impression.
The word trivia is plural for the word trivium and originally meant something very new. Over time, the word trivia has come to refer to obscure and arcane bits of dry knowledge as well as nostalgic remembrances of pop culture.
I am saddened to realize that much of the knowledge that I gained first hand is now considered to be “trivia” by today’s generation.

World Hypnotism Day

World Hypnotism Day  Aside from being fun as a floor show in Las Vegas, hypnotism is also used in a variety of other ways. Some people use it to stop smoking, lose weight or even sleep better. It might just give you the edge you need to succeed in some of your New Year’s resolutions. Meditation is also a form of self-induced hypnosis.
I really don’t know how one would go about celebrating this holiday…unless you can mesmerize your friends with your prolific knowledge of trivia.

Thank A Letter Carrier Day

Homemade Soup Day

Stuffed Mushroom Day 

National Spaghetti Day

Tom Thumb Day

Pop Music Chart Day

World Braille Day

Free Flower Basket Day


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