January 5th – ♫A Horse is a Horse, of Course, of Course…♫

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January is one of the newer months to the calendar we know today. It was named after the God of Beginnings and transitions, Janus.  In Latin, Januarius means the month of Janus.  It was added to the calendar with 29 days around 713 BC by King Numa Pompilius to conform with the lunar calendar. Julius Caesar gave it the 31 days when he created the Julian Calendar, and it still has 31 days after the transition to the modern Gregorian calendar.

Mr. Ed Day

On this date in 1961, the television show “Mr. Ed” debuted. The show’s concept resembles that of the Francis the Talking Mule movies in which an equine title character talks, but only to one person, thus causing a variety of comedic opportunities and frustrations.
The show in effect had two leads operating as a comedy team. The title role of Mister Ed, a talking palomino, was played by gelding Bamboo Harvester and voiced by Western film actor Allan “Rocky” Lane. The role of Ed’s owner, a genial but somewhat klutzy architect named Wilbur Post, was played by Alan Young.
“Oh Wiiilbur” — how did this show last for 6 seasons?

National Bird Day 

This National Bird Day is the first of many bird-related “holidays” this year. This one seems to be more concentrated on the plight of birds in today’s environment. Civilization is increasingly encroaching on the habitat of many species of birds, bringing many to the verge of extinction. Furthermore, many organizations are concerned about the plight of birds held in captivity, both in zoos and as pets.
I am reminded of this song by ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’.

National Whipped Cream Day

National Whipped Cream Day celebrates whipped cream’s contribution to the dessert world. Recipes dating back to the 16th century included cream that was whipped, sweetened and aromatised. The names “milk snow” and “snow cream” were used. In these recipes, naturally separated cream is whipped, typically with willow or rush branches, then the resulting foam on the surface would from time to time be skimmed off and drained, which could take an hour or more. The English name “whipped cream” found its way into the lexicon beginning in 1673, however, the name “snow cream” continued to be used throughout the 17th century.
Fortunately, these days, we don’t have to go to such extremes to enjoy whipped cream – thanks to Aaron “Bunny” Lapin. In 1948, Mr. Lapin invented Reddi-Wip™ and forever changed the dessert world. National Whipped Cream Day celebrates the anniversary of the date of his birth on January 5th, 1914.
This holiday is easy to celebrate folks. Just whip up a batch of real whipped cream and slather your dessert tonight with a generous dollop (or two). Using Reddi-Wip™ is also acceptable…but using that chemically enhanced concoction, Cool Whip™ just ruins the spirit of the holiday in my opinion.
Factoid: Whipped cream is usually sweetened and sometimes is flavored with vanilla, coffee, chocolate, orange or other flavors.  Whipped cream is also sometimes called Chantilly cream or creme Chantilly.

National Screenwriters Day




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