January 31st – Everyone Day Backward Happy

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Good morning my backward friends. Today is Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Today’s reasons to celebrate are:

Backward Day

Day Backward is “holiday”  first today’s. Not to be confused with Opposite Day, celebrated a few days ago, National Backward Day is an opportunity to reverse your ways, your direction or simply our shirt.  Dessert for breakfast, perhaps?  Backward Day is a day to do everything backward. Try reading a book backward (last chapter first), or playing a board game backward. If you are old, try acting young; if you are stoic, try acting silly; if you are right-handed try doing things with your left hand (and vice versa if you are left-handed); wear an article of clothing backward; research palindromes, then try to make up a few of your own. There are many ways to celebrate Backward Day, so just let your imagination be your guide.
Fun have, “holiday” this celebrate to decide you if.

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day  

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day celebrates art and the warm fuzzy feeling its beauty inspires within your heart. Celebrating Inspire Your Heart With Art Day is straightforward enough. Go to a gallery, theater, cinema, or music venue, and soak up the art. Keep in mind the theme of this holiday…Inspire Your Heart.
Some artists these days, in an effort to seem more “edgy”, have forsaken truth, beauty, and works that inspire, for works that are intended to shock, disgust, or enrage the audience. This, to me, isn’t “art”. Select the art you choose to view today accordingly. You’re supposed to “inspire your heart” today…not give yourself a heart attack. If you fancy yourself an artist, create an inspirational masterpiece of your own.

Hell is Freezing Over Day

Remember when you said, “I’ll do ____ ‘when Hell freezes over?” Well, guess what, it’s getting downright frigid in Hades, so get out your “when Hell freezes over” list today and accomplish a few tasks on it.
On second thought, since your “when Hell freezes over” list is composed of things which you never intended to do anyway, why not just add this holiday to that list and move on with your day? Surely you have better things to do.

National Hot Chocolate Day

If you’re craving a warm, delicious treat, then you’re in luck. Today is National Hot Chocolate Day. National Hot Chocolate Day celebrates the warm and creamy beverage that everyone loves to drink.
While the terms hot chocolate and hot cocoa are often used interchangeably, there is actually a big difference. Hot cocoa is made from cocoa powder, sugar, and milk. For that reason, hot cocoa tends to be sweeter and lighter. It often contains flavoring like vanilla or spices, like ground cinnamon. Those packets of Swiss Miss you grew up on are most definitely hot cocoa  – not hot chocolate.
Hot chocolate, on the other hand, is just as the name implies – melted chocolate. Good-quality milk or dark chocolate is chopped finely or shaved so that it melts quickly when combined with hot milk, or even cream. It can also contain flavoring like vanilla, but usually has very little added sugar, because there is already sugar in the chocolate. The result is a rich, full-bodied beverage that tends to be less sweet than hot cocoa, but even more wicked. You can vary the amount of chocolate you use to make it as thick and decadent as you want – from thin like hot cocoa, to an almost pudding-like consistency.
To celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day, make some hot chocolate – no cheating, though…None of that Swiss Miss crap! Take the time to make it from scratch. Don’t forget the miniature marshmallows!

  1. Chocolate is the 3rd most traded commodity in the world, behind oil (#1) and coffee (#2).
  2. Hot chocolate contains antioxidants and flavonols, both very healthy nutrients.
  3. The Mayans made the first hot chocolate, and it was served with chili peppers.

Eat Brussels Sprouts Day  

According to nutritionists, Brussels sprouts are one of the healthiest foods around. They are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and contain phytonutrients, which help your body to promote the production of enzymes involved in detoxification.
Brussels sprouts are a member of the Gemmifera group of cabbages, grown for its edible buds. They are closely related to kale, collard greens, and broccoli. The leafy green vegetables are typically 1 to 1½ inches diameter and resemble miniature cabbages. The Brussels sprout has long been popular in Brussels, Belgium, and may have originated and gained its name there.
I would love to say “Happy Eat Brussels Sprouts Day”, but I can’t.  The words, like the Brussels sprouts, would stick in my throat. I strongly dislike Brussels sprouts. If you enjoy them, have some today.

Brandy Alexander Day

A Brandy Alexander is a tasty chocolate cocktail that became popular in the 1920’s. Its predecessor was the gin-based Alexander cocktail, which was all but abandoned once the Brandy Alexander arrived on the scene. According to the Classic Cocktail Club of Milan, Italy, the Brandy Alexander was created in London, circa 1922, at the wedding of Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood, to Viscount Lascelles. It wasn’t long before the cocktail became a pop culture icon. You can find references to Brandy Alexander in countless movies, television shows, and songs. It was also John Lennon’s drink of choice, but he liked to refer to it as his “milkshake.”
Author’s Note: Milkshakes were originally made with alcohol for adults…only later was the alcohol removed so children could enjoy them too.

Gorilla Suit Day

On This Date

  • In 1747 – The first clinic specializing in the treatment of venereal diseases was opened at London Dock Hospital.
  • In 1865 – The 13th Amendment to the Constitution was passed by the House of Representatives. It was ratified by the necessary number of states on December 6, 1865. The amendment abolished slavery in the United States.
  • In 1865 – General Robert E. Lee was named general-in-chief of the Confederate armies.
  • In 1876 – All Native American Indians were ordered to move onto reservations.
  • In 1893 – The trademark “Coca-Cola” was first registered in the United States Patent Office.
  • In 1917 – Germany announced its policy of unrestricted submarine warfare.
  • In 1929 – The USSR exiled Leon Trotsky. He found asylum in Mexico.
  • In 1930 – Navy Lt. Ralph S. Barnaby became the first glider pilot to have his craft released from a dirigible at Lakehurst, NJ.
  • In 1936 – The radio show “The Green Hornet” debuted. (It created quite a ‘buzz’).
  • In 1940 – The first Social Security check was issued by the United States Government. Ida May Fuller received the first monthly benefits check. The amount paid was $22.54.
  • In 1944 – During World War II, U.S. forces invaded Kwajalein Atoll and other areas of the Japanese-held Marshall Islands.
  • In 1945 – Private Eddie Slovik became the only U.S. soldier since the Civil War to be executed for desertion.
  • In 1946 – A new constitution in Yugoslavia created six constituent republics (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia) subordinated to a central authority, on the model of the USSR.
  • In 1949 – The first TV daytime soap opera was broadcast from NBC’s station in Chicago, IL. It was “These Are My Children.”
  • In 1950 – President Truman announced that he had ordered development of the hydrogen bomb.
  • In 1958 – Explorer I was put into orbit around the earth. It was the first U.S. earth satellite.
  • In 1971 – Astronauts Alan B. Shepard Jr., Edgar D. Mitchell, and Stuart A. Roosa blasted off aboard Apollo 14 on a mission to the moon.
  • In 1971 – Telephone service between East and West Berlin was re-established after 19 years.
  • In 1985 – The final Jeep rolled off the assembly line at the AMC plant in Toledo, OH. In 1987, Chrysler acquired AMC and the iconic Jeep brand.
  • In 2000 –  John Rocker (Atlanta Braves) was suspended from major league baseball for disparaging foreigners, homosexuals and minorities in an interview published by Sports Illustrated.
  • In 2001, a Scottish court in the Netherlands convicted one Libyan and acquitted a second in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. The crash had occurred in 1988.

If you were born on this date, Happy Birthday. You share your birthday with the following list of illustrious individuals – and about 20-million other people.

  • Franz Schubert 1797 – Composer
  • Zane Grey 1872 – Western author
  • Eddie Cantor 1892 – Entertainer
  • Tallulah Bankhead 1902 – Actress
  • “Jersey Joe” Walcott 1914 – Boxer
  • Garry Moore 1915 – Entertainer
  • Jackie Robinson 1919 – 1st Black baseball player in the Major Leagues
  • John Agar 1921 – Actor
  • Mario Lanza 1921 – Operatic tenor, actor
  • Carol Channing 1923 – Actress, singer, dancer, comedienne
  • Joanne Dru 1923 – Actress)
  • Jean Simmons 1929 – Actress
  • Norman Mailer 1929 – (author)
  • Ernie Banks 1931 – Baseball player
  • James Franciscus, 1934 – Actor
  • Suzanne Pleshette 1937 – Actress
  • Stuart Margolin 1940 – Character actor
  • Dick Gephardt 1941 – Lobbyist
  • Jessica Walter 1944 – Actress
  • Nolan Ryan 1947 – Baseball pitcher
  • Harry Wayne Casey 1951 – Musician  (KC and the Sunshine Band)
  • Phil Collins 1951 – Musician
  • Johnny Rotten 1956 – Musician  (Sex Pistols)
  • Shirley Babashoff 1957 – Olympic swimming champion
  • Kelly Lynch 1959 – Actress
  • John Dye 1963 – Actor  (Touched by an Angel)
  • Minnie Driver 1971 – Actress
  • Portia de Rossi 1973 – Actress
  • Justin Timberlake 1981 – Singer

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