February 7th – Ballet Day

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Good morning ballerinos and ballerinas. Today is Tuesday, February 7, 2017. Today’s reasons to celebrate are:

Ballet Day

Ballet, in French, means simply “to dance.” Ballet has gone through many incarnations before it becoming the highly structured dance that we know today.
Ballet dates back to the Renaissance in Italy and France. In the early days, there were no tutus or ballet slippers. Its roots are in court dances, so ballet attire incorporated the proper dance dress of women at the time – formal gowns that descended to the ankle. And unlike modern performances, the audience would join the dance as it came to a close.
Later, ballet took on a hautier tone and was performed strictly by the nobility, and would blend dance with speech, music, verse, song, and a great amount of pageantry. As time progressed, so did ballet. It spread throughout the world, from Russia to Germany, and many other cultures, each refining and adding nuance to the dance. Today, ballet is loved worldwide for its intrinsic beauty, its majesty, its music, its costumes, and its passion.
The purpose of Ballet Day is twofold. First, Ballet Day celebrates the date on which a ballet was performed in America…February 7, 1827, at the Bowery Theater in New York. Second, Ballet Day celebrates the dance itself.
To celebrate  Ballet Day, attend a performance tonight.


Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

With all the challenges we face these days, isn’t it time to put them all aside for at least one day. Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day urges you to wave “hello” to everybody you meet today, and mean it. It could very well start a conversation and lead to a lasting friendship.
And, yes, it means everyone – even that one “special neighbor” down the street who normally only rates a “one-finger” wave. You know who he is. Every neighborhood has one. If you don’t know who he is, then you’re probably him. [Please note that I purposely used the male gender merely for the sake of continuity. Feel free to substitute another gender if it is applicable in your particular circumstance].

Ballet Day  

Ballet is a type of performance dance that originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century. It may also refer to a ballet dance work, which consists of the choreography and music for a ballet production. A well-known example of this is The Nutcracker.

Send a Card to a Friend Day

Do you have friends with whom you are out of touch, but still think about often? Well, Send a Card to a Friend Day may be the holiday for you. Reach out to some friends today that you haven’t heard from for a while by sending them a card. From what I can glean from my sources, Send a Card to a Friend Day applies to both conventional paper cards or notes and e-cards, so there is really no excuse not to send a friend, or two or three or more, a card today to let them know that they are still in your thoughts.

National Fettuccine Alfredo Day

Fettuccine Alfredo is a delicious pasta dish made with fettuccine (a flat ribbon-cut noodle) tossed with butter, cream, and melted Parmesan cheese. Fettuccine Alfredo is delicious on its own, or with vegetables, meat, or seafood on top.
A chef named Alfredo di Lelio created Fettuccine Alfredo in 1914. His wife had just given birth to their first son and hadn’t regained her appetite. He invented the dish to entice her into eating again, and it worked. It is a variation of a classic old Italian dish, fettuccine al burro (fettuccine with butter). Soon after, he began serving Fettuccine Alfredo at his restaurant, Alfredo al la Scrofa, in Rome.
There are many different pasta shapes and textures, but do you know why? Well, each type of pasta holds sauce in a slightly different way. For example, wide noodles (like Fettuccine) are best suited to thick cream sauces while short or hollow shapes (like Rotini or Penne) work best with chunky tomato-based sauces.
To celebrate National Fettuccine Alfredo Day, cook this delicious pasta dish to serve to family and friends.

More Holidays

African-American Coaches Day

Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

“e” Day  – (Strictly for math geeks).

National Periodic Table Day

Rose Day

On This Date 

  • In 1795, the 11th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified. It was the first Constitutional amendment after the adoption of the Bill of Rights. Basically, it dealt with the right of individuals to sue a state. This link will explain what it was about.
  • In 1882 – The last bare-knuckle fight for the heavyweight boxing championship took place in Mississippi City.
  • In 1893 – Elisha Gray patented a machine called the telautograph. It automatically signed autographs to documents.
  • In 1922 – DeWitt and Lila Acheson Wallace offered 5,000 copies of “Reader’s Digest” magazine for the first time.
  • In 1936 – The Vice Presidential flag was established by executive order.
  • In 1943 – The United States government announced that shoe rationing would go into effect.
  • In 1962 – The United States government banned all Cuban imports and re-export of U.S. products to Cuba from other countries.
  • In 1984 – Space shuttle astronauts Bruce McCandless II and Robert L. Stewart made the first untethered space walk.
  • In 1985 – “New York, New York” became the official anthem of the Big Apple.
  • In 2000 – California’s legislature declared that February 13 would be “Charles M. Schulz Day.”
  • In 2001 – Robert Pickett, 47, fired several shots at the White House near the South Lawn. He was subdued after being shot in the knee. No one else was hurt in the incident.

If you were born on this date, you share a birthday with the following notables:

  • John Deere 1804 – Inventor.
  • Charles Dickens 1812 – Author.
  • Frederick Douglas 1817 – Statesman.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder 1867 – Author.
  • James Herbert “Eubie” Blake 1883 – Composer/lyricist.
  • Sinclair Lewis 1885 – Novelist.
  • Larry “Buster” Crabbe 1908 – Actor.
  • Eddie Bracken 1920 – Actor.
  • Gay Talese 1932 – Author.
  • Sammy Johns 1946 – Musician (“Chevy Van”).
  • Jimmy Greenspoon 1948 – Musician (Three Dog Night).
  • Alan Lancaster 1949 – Musician (Status Quo).
  • Miguel Ferrer 1954 – Actor.
  • James Spader 1960 – Actor.
  • David Bryan 1962 – Musician (Bon Jovi).
  • Garth Brooks 1962 – Country singer.
  • Chris Rock 1966 – Comedian.
  • Ashton Kutcher, 1978 – Actor.
  • Tina Majorino, 1985 – Actress.

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