May 4th – “May The Fourth Be With You”

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Good morning space cases. Today is Thursday, May 4, 2017. Today’s reasons to celebrate are::

Intergalactic Star Wars Day

Intergalactic Star Wars Day celebrates the entirety of all of the Star Wars movies to date. I can state with statistical certainty that everyone in America from my generation has seen at least one of the movies from the original Star Wars trilogy. The first film in the series was originally released on May 25, 1977, under the title Star Wars, by 20th Century Fox, and became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, followed by two sequels, released at three-year intervals.
Sixteen years after the release of the trilogy’s final film, the first in a new prequel trilogy of films was released. The three prequel films were also released at three-year intervals, with the final film of the trilogy released on May 19, 2005.
In October 2012, The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and announced that it would produce three new films, with the first film, Star Wars Episode VII, planned for release in 2015. True to its word, Disney released “Star Wars Episode VII— The Force Awakens” on December 18, 2015.
20th Century Fox still retains the distribution rights to the first two Star Wars trilogies, owning permanent rights for the original film Episode IV: A New Hope, while holding the rights to Episodes I–III, V and VI until May 2020.
But wait, if the first, Star Wars, was released on May 25, 1977, why then do we celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th? Unless you just awakened from a four-decade coma, the answer is obvious. One of the most memorable lines from the original Star Wars movie was; “May the force be with you.” Punsters have twisted that line to be; “May the fourth be with you”, which is why Intergalactic Star Wars Day is celebrated today, May 4th.

Bird Day

Bird Day is always celebrated on May 4th. There are several other “bird-related holidays” observed every year, but this “Bird Day” is the oldest. According to the U.S. Library of Congress, the first Bird Day was celebrated on May 4, 1894. It was created by Charles Almanzo Babcock of  Oil City, PA. By 1910, Bird Day was widely celebrated, often in conjunction with Arbor Day. Bird Day and Arbor Day events are focused upon conservation training and awareness. However, it is also a good day for bird-watching, so get some bird seed, fill up your bird feeder, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon watching your fine feathered friends enjoy their new bounty.

International Respect for Chickens Day

You probably think that International Respect for Chickens Day is just another one of those quirky, silly little holidays that I like to cover in these BLOGS, but actually, nothing could be further from the truth.
International Respect for Chickens Day is an annual project of United Poultry Concerns designed to celebrate the dignity, beauty, and life of chickens and to protest the bleakness of their lives in farming operations. Although International Respect for Chickens Day specifies chickens, it encompasses all forms of domestic fowl – ducks, turkeys, and other commercially raised game birds.
Chickens can make good companion animals and can be tamed by hand feeding, and some people find chickens’ behavior entertaining and educational. And, calling someone a “dumb cluck” might not be as big a “put down” as you might think either. Chickens have a range of about 20 distinct calls, have demonstrated problem-solving skills, the use of representational signaling, and the ability to recognize each other by facial features, so they are more intelligent than they seem. Roosters are another story though. They can be aggressive and aren’t recommended if you have small children. Also, check your local ordinances because some municipalities ban or restrict the raising of chickens.
In nature, chickens live for five to eleven years depending on the breed and, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s oldest chicken died of heart failure when she was 16 years old. However, in commercial chicken farming operations, they don’t fare nearly as well. A meat chicken generally lives only six weeks before slaughter. A free range or organic meat chicken will usually be slaughtered at about 14 weeks. Hens of special laying breeds may produce as many as 300 eggs a year. After 12 months, the hen’s egg-laying ability starts to decline, and commercial laying hens are then slaughtered and used in baby foods, pet foods, pies, and other processed foods.

International Firefighters Day

International Firefighters’ Day is observed annually on May 4th. Firefighters are selfless individuals who dedicate themselves to the protection of life and property, and the environment; often at the risk of their own lives. Firefighting requires extensive training, and as well, firefighters are required to keep abreast of new firefighting techniques and equipment throughout their career. Firefighters in many communities are volunteers; while others are paid by local or state governments.  If you know any firefighters, past or current, be sure to thank them today for what they do.

World Password Day

World Password Day is celebrated annually on the first Thursday of May and seeks to spread awareness that taking care with your passwords is vital to protecting yourself against identity theft. We use passwords to secure the most private parts of our lives and to help protect our finances, our health records, or maybe just our emails. World Password Day reminds us of the importance of these little crypto-keys and the role they play in making sure we keep track of our passwords. Identity thieves are everywhere, and these are your first digital line of defense.
Passwords have been around as long as people have kept secrets. Though most people today think of them as what we put into the box that follows Username and Email on all those websites, passwords served an important a role in espionage and secret societies. When you wanted to make sure that the person you were speaking to was the person sent by your organization, you’d ask them for the password.
To celebrate Password Day, go through your passwords and try to make them stronger. Come up with nonsense phrases you can remember, add spaces, change letters to numbers, etc, to create your password more difficult to decipher.

Renewal Day

Renewal Day is a holiday for new and old beginnings. Over the course of our hectic lives, things change. We lose track of friends and distant relatives. All too quickly, the pressures and demands of everyday life often cause us to become out of touch with those we care about. That college roommate you vowed to keep in touch with soon loses out to your starting a family and getting a job. That comrade-in-arms you served with in that God-forsaken Hell-hole becomes a distant memory as you start your life in the civilian world. You move away from home to start your career while your parents and siblings remain behind. Renewal Day is the holiday to renew, rejuvenate, and rekindle those lost relationships.
Renewal Day can also be interpreted to mean that you can reinvigorate your relationship with yourself. Ask your boss for that raise, start a new exercise regimen, change your hairstyle, rearrange the furniture in your house, or sign up for a class at your community college. Anything to get yourself out of the rut that “life” has created for you.

Orange Juice Day

Orange juice is one of the most popular juices in the United States. It is a great source of Vitamin C, Folic Acid, and potassium. Orange juice refers to the juice of oranges. It is made by squeezing the fresh fruit, by drying and later rehydrating the juice, or by the concentration of the juice and later adding water to the concentrate. Here in America, we commonly shorten the name of this beverage to just O.J. Because of the importance to its economy, orange juice was adopted as the official beverage of Florida in 1967. Orange Juice is good any time of the day.

National Candied Orange Peel Day

Unless you are a professional in the culinary arts, you may not even know that the heck candied orange peel is. They are a boiled, sliced, sugar added treat used mostly in holiday cakes and cookies. If you’ve ever actually eaten a slice of fruitcake, you have probably eaten candied orange peel. Since fruitcake has a half-life equivalent to that of Plutonium, and since you probably still have one leftover from last Christmas, find it in that dusty corner of your pantry and have a slice for a snack today. See if you can identify the candied orange peel (or any of the other ingredients for that matter).

More Holidays

On This Date

  • In 1626 – Dutch explorer Peter Minuit landed on Manhattan Island. Native Americans later sold the island (20,000 acres) for $24 in cloth and buttons.
  • In 1675 – King Charles II of England commissioned the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The observatory was built on the prime meridian. The mean solar time at this location is the basis for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
  • In 1715 – A French manufacturer debuted the first folding umbrella.
  • In 1776 – Rhode Island declared its freedom from England two months before the Declaration of Independence was adopted.
  • In 1814 – Napoleon Bonaparte disembarked at Portoferraio on the island of Elba in the Mediterranean.
  • In 1886 – Chichester Bell and Charles S. Tainter patented the gramophone. It was the first practical phonograph.
  • In 1904 – The United States took over the construction of the Panama Canal. French engineers had begun digging a waterway between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in 1881, but they had to abandon the project after about 22,000 lives had been lost to accidents and disease.
  • In 1905 – Belmont Park opened in suburban Long Island. It opened as the largest race track in the world.
  • In 1916 – Germany agreed to limit its submarine warfare after a demand from President Wilson.
  • In 1930 – Mahatma Gandhi was arrested by the British.
  • In 1932 – Al Capone entered the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary for income-tax evasion.
  • In 1942 – The United States began food rationing.
  • In 1946 – A two-day riot at Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay ended. Five people were killed.
  • In 1953 – Ernest Hemingway won the Pulitzer Prize. He was awarded the prestigious accolade for his novel The Old Man and the Sea. The story about a fisherman and his battle with a large marlin also earned him the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • In 1959 – The Grammys were presented for the first time. The Grammy is one of the most prestigious awards in the music industry. Winners of the first edition included Ella Fitzgerald, Henry Mancini, and Frank Sinatra.
  • In 1961 – Thirteen civil rights activists, dubbed “Freedom Riders,” began a bus trip through the South.
  • In 1970 – Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire on students during an anti-Vietnam war protest at Kent State University. Four students were killed and nine others were wounded.
  • In 1979 – Margaret Thatcher became Britain’s first woman prime minister.
  • In 1987 – Live models were used for the first time in Playtex bra ads.
  • In 1989 – Oliver North, a former White House aide was convicted of shredding documents and two other crimes. He was acquitted of nine other charges stemming from the Iran-Contra affair. The three convictions were later overturned on appeal.
  • In 1994 – Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO leader Yasser Arafat signed a historic peace accord on Palestinian autonomy that granted self-rule in the Gaza Strip and Jericho. Together with Shimon Peres, the two leaders received the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize. A year later, Rabin was assassinated by a Jewish extremist.
  • In 1998 – Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski was given four life sentences plus 30 years by a federal judge in Sacramento, CA. The sentence was under a plea agreement that spared Kaczynski the death penalty.
  • In 1999 – Manuel Babbitt was executed for killing Leah Schendel in 1980. Babbitt had received a purple heart for his injuries in Vietnam while on death row.
  • In 2000 – Londoners elected their mayor for the first time.
  • In 2003 – Idaho Gem was born. He was the first member of the horse family to be cloned.

Noteworthy Birthdays

If you were born on this date, Happy Birthday. You share your birthday with the following list of illustrious individuals – and about 20-million other people.


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