Life Day 26818 – Well, I’ll Be a Monkey’s Uncle.

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Good morning simian supporters. Today is Monday, December 14, 2020. Today is the 349th day of the year, and 17 days remain.

Today’s reasons to celebrate are:

Monkey Day

Monkey Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated internationally on December 14. While the holiday is mainly about monkeys, it also celebrates all things simian; all non-human primates such as apes, tarsiers, and lemurs. It is the one day of the year when “monkeying around” is acceptable. While the spirit of this holiday encourages a little “monkey business”, it has a more serious undertone as well; that of raising awareness of the theory of evolution, medical research, and animal rights.
There are three distinct types of simian primates. Familiar species such as baboons and macaques are classified as Old World Monkeys; Capuchins and howler monkeys are New World Monkeys, and chimpanzees and gorillas are Apes. There are currently 264 known monkey species in the world.
Monkey Day was started in 2000 when artist Casey Sorrow, then an art student at Michigan State University, jokingly scribbled Monkey Day on a friend’s calendar, and then first celebrated the holiday with other MSU art students. It gained notoriety when Sorrow and fellow MSU art student Eric Millikin began including Monkey Day in their artwork and Fetus-X comic strips and began promoting it online along with other artists. Since then, Monkey Day has been celebrated internationally, across countries like the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
There are a number of ways to celebrate this holiday. You can visit the primate section of your local zoo; research “monkeys” online or at your local library; watch simian based movies such as “King Kong” or “Planet of the Apes”; eat a lot of bananas; or enjoy some “Chunky Monkey” ice cream; or any combination of these. Your imagination is the only limiting factor.

Green Monday 

Green Monday is celebrated each year on the Monday before December 15th. The title of this holiday is deceptive. These days most of us associate the word ‘green’ with the environment, but if you think that Green Monday is a holiday about our need to protect Mother Earth, you couldn’t be more – WRONG! The only environment to which this holiday refers is the online retail environment, and the only ‘green’ referred to is the cash that online retail establishments hope to garner from this holiday. Green Monday is an online retail industry term similar to Cyber Monday. The term Green Monday was coined by eBay to describe its best sales day in December, usually the second Monday of December. This holiday is further defined more specifically as the last Monday with at least 10 days prior to Christmas.
In 2009, $854 million was spent online in the United States on Green Monday. In 2011, online sales reached $1.133 billion and in 2012, Green Monday were $1.27 billion, up 13% from 2011. In 2014, Green Monday online sales grossed a record $1.6 billion. Despite these impressive sales numbers, Green Monday still lags far behind Cyber Monday in overall sales revenue. For instance, in 2014, Cyber Monday’s online sales reached $2.68 billion.
If you want to celebrate Green Monday, do your shopping today online from the comfort of your own home (whether or not your home is ‘green’).

Free Shipping Day

Free Shipping Day is an annual one-day event now held on December 14th. Since its creation in 2008 by  Luke Knowles, this holiday it was celebrated on varying dates “sometime in mid-December” between the 15th and the 18th. However, in 2018, the date was “firmed up” and it has been celebrated on December 14th since. I guess that due to increased shipping volume, December 14th was the last date that participating retailers could guarantee the arrival of your items before Christmas. By combining free shipping with guaranteed Christmas delivery, Knowles upped the ante for online sales. Merchants and consumers alike have seen the benefits of Free Shipping Day.
Free Shipping Day benefits both the customers and the online merchants. The bottom line for customers is the savings they see by not having to pay for shipping, which can be quite expensive at times – especially if you need an item by a specific date. The bottom line for the merchants is, quite naturally, their ‘bottom line’. They see benefits from more customers taking advantage of the free shipping on this holiday, which in turn might enable them to spend more on last-minute holiday gifts.
If you plan to do any online shopping this Christmas season, Free Shipping Day is the day to do it. On this promotional holiday, you will get to shop from large and small online merchants that are offering free shipping with a guarantee of delivery by Christmas Eve.
To celebrate Free Shipping Day, fire up your ‘infernal contraption’ and let your fingers do your Christmas shopping today. To maximize your savings, be sure to shop at the participating retailers featured in  

Roast Chestnuts Day

♫♫Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.
Roast Chestnuts Day is celebrated annually on December 14th. As the name implies, it urges us to roast some chestnuts today.
Each year about this time we begin singing the praises of roasting chestnuts. Roast Chestnuts Day is a relative newcomer to the list of holidays, and the date was selected to coincide with the beginning of the “Twelve Days of Christmas.” But, the practice of roasting chestnuts has been around since at least the 16th century when they would be roasted and sold by street vendors to busy people in need of a tasty snack.
When chestnuts are roasted, the natural sweetness of the nut is revealed. They are an ideal snack if you want something sweet, that also happens to be nutritious. Chestnuts are comparatively low in calories and are a good source of fiber. They are also very rich in vitamin C. Although they are technically nuts, they taste very unlike other nuts – a sweet, earthy taste.
Chestnuts are no longer a regional treat. They are readily available in most supermarkets these days, so why not celebrate Roasting Chestnuts Day by roasting some chestnuts for your family tonight? If you don’t know how to roast chestnuts, it’s really quite simple. You can make them at home using your conventional kitchen oven. All you need to do is cut a cross shape into each nut, put them on a cookie sheet and bake them until the skins open. Then, just peel away that tough skin and enjoy.

National Bouillabaisse Day 

National Bouillabaisse Day is celebrated annually on December 14th. As you might surmise, it celebrates the world-renowned fish-based stew – Bouillabaisse.
Bouillabaisse is a fish stew that originated in Marseilles, France around 600 B.C. At that time, Marseilles was a Greek colony so the stew was originally called “kakavia.” Bouillabaisse also appears in Roman mythology as a soup that Venus feeds to Vulcan. Today, bouillabaisse is an extremely popular dish in the Mediterranean region.
Marseilles fishermen typically make the dish when they return to port. Rather than using the more expensive fish that they catch, they use common fish like rockfish and shellfish. Different herbs and spices such as garlic, orange peel, basil, saffron, and bay leaf are added to the soup for flavor. Vegetables like tomatoes, onions, celery, and potatoes were added to the recipe during the 17th century.
By now, you should know of my aversion to seafood. Putting it in a soup does not change that. I will not be celebrating this holiday.

Another Holiday

Below is another holiday celebrated on this date and worthy of mention.

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