Spouses, Lotus 1-2-3, Australia, and Peanut Brittle

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Every day is a holiday. Therefore, there is at least one holiday for every day in the calendar year. All you have to do is choose to celebrate. With that said, today’s holidays are listed below — so let today’s festivities begin.

Good morning couples. Today is Tuesday, January 26, 2021. It is the 26th day of the year, and 339 days remain.

Today’s reasons to celebrate are: 

Spouse’s Day  

Spouse’s Day is celebrated annually on January 26th. It is dedicated to recognizing spouses everywhere by showing gratitude for the fulfillment and security of a long-term relationship offered by your partner in life. It is a time to enjoy and appreciate your better half.
A spouse is a partner in a marriage, civil union, domestic partnership, or common-law marriage. The term is gender-neutral, whereas a male spouse is a husband and a female spouse is a wife. Over the long years of a relationship, it’s easy to take for granted the many things your spouse does.
You can celebrate Spouse’s Day as a prelude or warm up to Valentine’s Day, but it’s not meant to be a gift-giving event. Rather, it is meant as a time to show your spouse that you care, and appreciate all of the things that he/she does for you and for the household.

Lotus 1-2-3 Day 

Lotus 1-2-3 Day is celebrated annually on January 26th. Although Lotus 1-2-3 wasn’t the first spreadsheet (Apple’s VisiCalc preceded it), it was the inaugural offering of a user-friendly spreadsheet for the Microsoft Operating System. It made its debut on this date in 1983, and quickly became the most popular spreadsheet, because, well, it was as easy as 1-2-3.
What is a spreadsheet, you say? A spreadsheet gives businesses (and home users as well) the ability to run quick and easy “what if” calculations. “What if we lower the price of our widgets by $10.00 per unit?” or “What if the mortgage rate drops to 3% and we refinance?”
Lotus 1-2-3 was a major breakthrough in personal computing for its time. However, as technology always marches forward, it was eventually replaced by newer, more user-friendly, and better spreadsheets. Today the best-selling spreadsheet is another Microsoft product – Microsoft Excel.
To celebrate  Lotus 1-2-3 Day, simply use a spreadsheet today. If on the off chance you haven’t updated your computer since the Reagan Administration, there is a good possibility that the spreadsheet you use will be Lotus 1-2-3.

Australia Day

Australia Day is celebrated annually on January 26th — primarily in Australia. It marks the anniversary of the date in 1788 that the First Fleet of British Ships landed in New South Wales –  and the raising of the flag of Great Britain at that location. The expedition was led by Captain Arthur Phillip. In present-day Australia, however, celebrations focus much less on the arrival of the ships and instead concentrates more on the diverse society and landscape of the nation. Many family events are organized, as well as various community celebrations all across Australia, welcoming new immigrants. Australia is a relatively young country, as federation occurred only 120 years ago [in 1901], and it was not until 1935 that the first Australia Day was actually celebrated.
Originally meant to be a penal colony, Australia has developed rapidly over the years to become one of the wealthiest countries in the world, ranking extremely high for the quality of health and education. In fact, today, Australia is considered to be one of the top 3 countries in which to live.
To most people, Australia is a land of mystery, danger, and majestic beauty. Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world, but only has about 21 million inhabitants. It is a land of pristine beaches and lush tropical rainforests, but, at the same time, it is known for its vast and merciless deserts. It has quite a number of species that are unique to the continent – such as the seemingly cuddly koala bear (which isn’t actually a bear), the platypus (seemingly a hybrid between a duck and a beaver with a poisonous spur on its hind legs) and, of course, the kangaroo. It is also home to the Great Barrier Reef – the largest living organism in the world. Australia is also the fourth largest wine exporter in the world, so if you like wine, you’re sure to find an Australian wine to suit your tastes. Since Australia is basically a huge island, seafood is as varied as it is plentiful.
Since there is a 99.9999999999% chance that if you are reading this post you are not from Australia, nor have you ever been there, the best way to celebrate Australia Day is to read about Australia’s fascinating history. This link will help you with that. Then, share what you learned with your family and/or friends — as you pop open a fresh Fosters Lager and ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie.”
Author’s Note: 
As I pointed out earlier, this holiday is celebrated primarily in Australia. The reason I am covering it in this post is that I have always been fascinated by Australia’s uniqueness.

National Peanut Brittle Day  

National Peanut Brittle Day is celebrated annually on January 26th. You needn’t be a Master Confectioner to decipher that it celebrates peanut brittle – one of the world’s favorite types of candy.
Brittle was one of the first types of candy ever made. Many ancient cultures that had access to molasses, honey, or sugar, produced some form of it. The first peanut brittle recipe appeared in an American cookbook, but its exact origin is uncertain. According to one account, peanut brittle was a Celtic dessert. The Celts covered peanuts in sugar and baked them, and this eventually evolved into a caramel bark.
Peanut Brittle is made of caramelized sugar or corn syrup. After the nuts are added it is poured out on a flat surface such as granite or marble and smoothed to an even sheet. When cooled the candy is broken into pieces. Also, the results can be affected by the weather! If brittle is made on a humid day it will notharden properly and won’t hold its shape.
To celebrate National Peanut Brittle Day, simply buy or make some peanut brittle today. All you really need to know about peanut brittle is that it is sweet, brittle, contains peanuts, and is delicious.

Below are some other holidays celebrated on this date that are worthy of mention.

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