Jumping Frogs, Leprechauns, Apple Pie, and Fruit Cocktail

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According to the National Day Calendar, there are more than 1500 national holidays every year – meaning that there is at least one holiday for every day in the calendar year. All you have to do is choose which holiday(s) you want to celebrate. With that said, today’s holidays are listed below — so let the festivities begin. 

Good morning fans of airborne amphibians. Today is Thursday, May 13, 2021. Today is the 133rd day of the year, and 232 days remain.

Frog Jumping Day

“Leapin’ Horny Toads, It’s Frog Jumping Day.”
Frog Jumping Day is celebrated annually on May 13th. This holiday can be traced back to author Mark Twain, and his first short story, “Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog.” The short story is also known as “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” as well as “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.” However, the reason that Frog Jumping Day is celebrated on this date is a mystery. It is neither the date of the publication of the short story nor the anniversary of Mark Twain’s birth or death.
This holiday could also pertain to the Calaveras County Fair & Jumping Frog Jubilee held in Angel’s Camp, California but this annual event is held on a rotating schedule each year beginning on the 3rd Thursday in May and running through Sunday, and this year will be celebrated on May 20th through the 23rd.
Anyway, to celebrate Frog Jumping Day, learn more about frogs and/or toads.

Leprechaun Day

Leprechaun Day is celebrated annually on May 13th. As you might surmise, this holiday is a day dedicated to the impish little [some say, make-believe] elves of Ireland. The origins of Leprechaun Day are as mysterious as the hiding places of the pots of gold belonging to the “wee folk”.
Leprechauns themselves have been part of Irish folklore for thousands of years, and even though these tiny fairies have a reputation for playing tricks and being mischievous, they are well-loved by the people of Ireland. According to Irish legend, Leprechauns have a hidden pot of gold. If you catch a Leprechaun, he must give you his pot of gold, but Leprechauns are resourceful when it comes to defending their gold, and they are not easily caught.
To celebrate, I suggest looking over your financial portfolio to see if there are ways that you can increase your own “pot of gold”. This seems like a more realistic alternative than going out in search of a Leprechaun and his “pot of gold”.

National Apple Pie Day 

National Apple Pie Day is celebrated annually on May 13th and December 3rd. It doesn’t require a vivid imagination to conclude that this holiday celebrates apple pie – the quintessential American dessert.
However, apple pie wasn’t invented in the United States. Rather it was invented in Europe sometime during the 14th century. The first apple pie recipe was printed by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381 in England. The ingredients in the recipe included apples, spices, figs, raisins, pears, saffron, and cofyn (a casing of pastry). Dutch apple pie recipes date back to the late 15th century. These recipes were similar to the English recipes except they included a scoop of ice cream placed on top of the pie before it was served. This tradition, apple pie à la mode, was eventually brought to America where most people continue to enjoy their apple pie topped with ice cream.
Celebrating National Apple Pie Day couldn’t be easier – simply enjoy a slice of this iconic dessert after dinner tonight.

National Fruit Cocktail Day 

National Fruit Cocktail Day is celebrated annually on May 13th. You don’t need to be ‘fruity’ or have had ‘one too many cocktails’ to deduce that this holiday celebrates fruit cocktail – a much-loved medley of mixed fruits.
Fruit Cocktail is a dish consisting of various kinds of fruit, sometimes served in a liquid, either in their own juices or in syrup.  The use of the word “cocktail” in the name does not mean that it contains alcohol, but refers to the secondary definition “An appetizer made by combining pieces of food, such as fruit or seafood.” The most common variety of fruit cocktail is canned, although you could easily make a fresh version yourself at home.
Here in America, the USDA stipulates that canned “fruit cocktail” must contain a certain percentage distribution of pears, grapes, cherries, peaches, and pineapples to be marketed as fruit cocktail. It must contain fruits in the following range of percentages:

30% to 50% diced peaches, any yellow variety
25% to 45% diced pears, any variety
6% to 16% diced pineapple, any variety
6% to 20% whole grapes, any seedless variety
2% to 6% cherry halves, any light sweet or artificial red variety (usually maraschino cherries).

I prefer my fruit cocktail served with a generous scoop of cottage cheese. How do you plan to celebrate National Fruit Cocktail Day?

Listed below are some other holidays celebrated on this date that are worthy of mention. 

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