Nudity, Sharks, Pandemonium, Tape Measures, Bastilles, Mac & Cheese, and Grand Marnier

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According to the National Day Calendar, there are more than 1500 national holidays every year – meaning that there is at least one holiday for every day in the calendar year. All you have to do is choose which holiday(s) you want to celebrate. With that said, today’s holidays are listed below — so let the festivities begin. 

Good morning nature buffs. Today is Wednesday, July 14, 2021. Today is the 195th day of the year, and 170 days remain.

National Nude Day 

National Nude day is celebrated annually on July 14th. You needn’t be a nudist to ascertain that this holiday celebrates nudity. This holiday was created by a group of college students in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1976. Since then, it has grown to become an international holiday. While it is not a public holiday – it is a holiday to celebrate the human form in public.
There are many clothing optional beaches and resorts worldwide. If you live near one of these, there might be special events scheduled today, so, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can check them out. However, if you’re like me, you won’t be celebrating National Nude Day – at least not in the context of parading around nude in public do not despair. You can still celebrate this holiday by using it to examine your body in front of a mirror to check for any abnormalities – which could be indicators of possible medical conditions – such as moles that are changing color, which could be a warning sign of skin cancer. Ladies, use this holiday to perform a self-examination for signs of breast cancer.

Shark Awareness Day 

Shark Awareness Day is celebrated annually on July 14th. As you should easily be able to deduce, this holidays celebrates the most formidable predator known to man [with the possible exception of man himself] – sharks. The purpose of this holiday is to highlight the plight of these denizens of the deep and find ways to humanely coexist with them. Like top predators in any ecosystem, sharks play an essential role in keeping the seas healthy and productive.
Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is in full swing right now, so Shark Awareness Day couldn’t be more topical. Sharks are truly impressive hunters and predators, yet the fact remains that these magnificent creatures are more threatened by people than we are by sharks. The worldwide demand for shark-fin soup, shark-tooth medallions, and a false sense of security on beaches everywhere, all combine to leave sharks persecuted and endangered, with millions of them being killed each year.
Sharks are feared by humans because of their ferocious looks, but in actuality, the chances of your being attacked by a shark are quite slim. Statistically, there are many other things about which you should worry. I have compiled a list of a dozen things that are more apt to kill you each year than sharks.

  1. Being attacked by a hippopotamus.
  2. Being attacked by a cow.
  3. Hitting a deer with your car.
  4. Falling out of bed.
  5. Having a vending machine fall on you.
  6. Texting while driving.
  7. Being struck by a falling coconut.
  8. Being scalded by too-hot tap water.
  9. Falling off a ladder.
  10. Being struck by an errant champagne cork.
  11. Falling icicles.
  12. Autoerotic asphyxiation.

All of the things listed above kill more people annually than do sharks. While no-one is suggesting that you go out and hug a Great White to celebrate Shark Awareness Day, the least you can do is learn more about these creatures — and above all else, respect them and leave them alone whenever possible.

Pandemonium Day 

The dictionary defines Pandemonium as; “wild and noisy disorder or confusion, uproar.” Pandemonium Day is celebrated annually on July 14th. Just as the name implies, this holiday is meant to be a day of sheer bedlam and utter chaos. It is a day to break the shackles of convention and adherence to the ‘norm’ and wreak as much havoc as possible – within the bounds of the law, naturally. This holiday was established to help free us from all the stuffiness of living a structured, overly scheduled life.
So, break the bonds of convention and celebrate Pandemonium Day by creating a little pandemonium in your life – some random madness and spontaneous acts that will bring you new adventures, experiences, and memories. Free yourself from preconceptions, free yourself from expectations, free yourself from ‘have to’ and ‘should’, and let yourself be free. Life was meant to be lived to the fullest, not stuffed into a cubicle in some drab office or on some noisy assembly line according to someone else’s predetermined plan. While order has its place, it is not the foundation of a life fully lived.

National Tape Measure Day 

The old adage, “Measure twice, cut once” is certainly apropos on National Tape Measure Day – which is celebrated annually on July 14th. On this date in 1868, Alvin J. Fellows of New Haven, Connecticut was granted a patent for “Improvements in Tape Measures”, which outlined the plans for the first retractable tape measure – and the lives of carpenters, electricians, seamstresses, countless other tradesmen and craftsmen, and DIYers was made much easier.
The first recorded use of the tape measure goes back to the Romans, who utilized marked strips of leather to measure distances. Before Fellow’s patent, Englishman James Chesterman designed a steel measuring tape, but it was expensive for its time. At $17 in 1853, it is equal to over $300 in today. It was also big and bulky and not likely to fit in a pocket or even a toolbox for that matter. Fellow’s patent was an improvement on Chesterman’s design.
The tape measures that we know and love today come in a wide array of sizes, colors, and materials. They range in size from smaller than the palm of your hand to bigger lengths of 300+ feet. They are used for anything from DIY projects at home, by contractors and in construction and at a lower price. They are a staple in almost every household.
You don’t have to be a master craftsman to celebrate National Tape Measure Day – simply measure something around your house. How far is it from your recliner to the TV?

Bastille Day 

Bastille Day is celebrated annually on July 14th. You don’t need to be French to conclude that this holiday is the French equivalent of Independence Day here in America. It marks the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789 when Parisians stormed the Bastille prison and released the prisoners inside. It celebrates the end of the constitutional monarchy and the beginning of the democratic republic of France. To Frenchmen, Bastille Day is viewed as their day of liberation. The Bastille was a stronghold constructed in Paris in the 14th century. In fact, the word “bastille” means “fortress” in French. During his reign, King Louis XVI used it as a prison and the structure became a symbol of his power.
Although Bastille Day is not a holiday celebrated here in America, the homogeneous makeup of American society means that some of you can trace your lineage back to France. To me, like the 4th of July, it symbolizes the triumph of freedom over tyranny. So, if you are of French lineage, by all means celebrate your roots by celebrating Bastille Day. Profitez de votre célébration.

National Mac and Cheese Day 

National Mac and Cheese Day is celebrated annually on July 14th. You needn’t be a master of the culinary arts to glean that this holiday, for some strange reason, celebrates  Mac & Cheese – one of America’s favorite comfort foods.
Made with macaroni noodles, cream or milk, and the golden goodness of cheese, Mac & Cheese can serve as a side dish but can also double as a main dish as well. There are myriad recipes for Mac & Cheese available online. You can make classic Mac & Cheese with cheddar or American cheeses or add other ingredients like ham, bacon, peppers, or literally any other ingredient you want. There’s a combination for everyone.  Mix up the cheeses or load up on seasonings, set the broiler for a couple of minutes at the end of the cooking time and let the cheese get a nice toasty crust.
To celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day, make some Mac & Cheese. [Even that plasticine stuff in the box is acceptable – although not necessarily palatable, today].

National Grand Marnier Day 

Grand Marnier Day is celebrated annually on July 14th. You don’t need to be an expert mixologist to conclude that this holiday celebrates Grand Marnier – a world-renowned orange-flavored brandy liqueur.
Grand Marnier was created in 1880 by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle. It is made from a blend of Cognac brandy, distilled essence of bitter orange, and sugar. It is 40% alcohol (80 proof). It can be consumed “neat” as a cordial and can also be used in mixed drinks. Grand Marnier is also used in a long list of desserts including liquor cream buns, Yule log, cranberry sauce, Crêpes Suzette and Grand Marnier soufflé crème brûlée’. Additionally, Grand Marnier is used in the sauce of the savory roasted duck dish, “Canard a l’Orange” (or in America, Duck a l’Orange).
To celebrate National Grand Marnier Day, simply enjoy some Grand marnier today – either as a cordial, in a mixed cocktail or in one of your recipes.

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