Motorists, Beaches, Holistic Pets, Whale Sharks, Frankenstein, and Toasted Marshmallows

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According to the National Day Calendar, there are more than 1500 national holidays every year – meaning that there is at least one holiday for every day in the calendar year. All you have to do is choose which holiday(s) you want to celebrate. With that said, today’s holidays are listed below — so let the festivities begin. 

Good morning courteous car operators. Today is Monday, August 30, 2021. Today is the 242nd day of the year, and 123 days remain.

Motorist Consideration Monday 

Motorist Consideration Monday is observed each year on the last Monday in August. As you can easily infer from its title, this holiday reminds us of something that we should be doing every day anyway – practicing patience and consideration towards others while traveling. Whether you’re a commercial driver, traveling by car, bike, bus, public transportation, or even walking, show a little common courtesy to your fellow travelers – and, use a little common sense when you’re in your vehicle today – and every day.
Listed below are a few handy tips to guide you towards your efforts to celebrate Motorist Consideration Monday:

  • When driving on a freeway, move over into a center lane if you see emergency vehicles on the side of the road.
  • Be sure to put your car lights on in the daytime to ensure better visibility to other vehicles.
  • Be alert when behind (not trying to pass) a school bus.
  • Don’t drive aggressively by tailgating and bullying people on the road.
  • Don’t carry over your personal anger into “road rage”.
  • No drinking and driving.
  • Allow a fellow motorist to come out in front of you in a line of heavy traffic.
  • Always yield to pedestrians.
  • Don’t Speed. Highways are not raceways!
  • Be cautious of emergency vehicles. No rubbernecking!
  • Always use child safety seats for any child being driven in your car.
  • Always use seat belts. In most states, it is the law!
  • Slow down in bad weather.
  • Don’t text while driving. It’s the law!
  • If you are a pedestrian, pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t put a driver into an emergency situation because you were on your phone checking out the hot new selfie Tiffani (with an “I”) just posted on Instagram – and stepped out into traffic!
  • Kids, be considerate if you are going somewhere in the school bus. Don’t shout and scream and distract the driver. Don’t throw things out of the windows either, or leave rubbish on the floor.

National Beach Day 

National Beach Day is celebrated annually on August 30th. You don’t need to be a “beach bum” to ascertain that this holiday celebrates our nation’s beaches and the pleasure that beaches give to young and old alike. This holiday is the brainchild of Colleen Paige, a leading pet & family lifestyle expert and was created in 2009.
Apart from celebrating our favorite beaches, the goal of National Beach Day is to encourage beach lovers to clean up trash left by others on the beach. Thousands of seabirds, seals, pelicans and other beach/sea animals are killed and injured every day by discarded fishing line, plastic bags, aluminum cans, oil spills and other debris. These items poison animals and get tangled in wings, beaks, and intestines, causing pain, starvation and the slow painful death of these innocent animals.
To celebrate National Beach Day, go to a beach – just be sure to clean up after yourself when you leave.

National Holistic Pet Day 

National Holistic Pet Day is celebrated annually on August 30th. You needn’t be a seer to deduce that this holiday encourages you to adopt a holistic approach toward your pets. Also, it is a day to celebrate the growing interest in natural/holistic medicine and the animals that are treated holistically.
Holistic medicine is a growing trend practiced by more and more people each year. It urges people to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent diseases rather than just treating the disease itself.  Just as you should lead a healthy lifestyle, so should your pets. This holiday urges people to examine the environment they provide for their pets. Do you keep their living area clean? Do you use any harsh cleaning products that could harm your pet? Do you feed your pet good quality, nutritionally balanced, natural food without added preservatives? Do you regularly exercise your pet? Do you bond with your pet through daily massage?  A holistic approach raising your pet will lead to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling relationship with your “fur baby”.
If you are taking a holistic approach to your life, why would you not do the same for your pet in celebration of National Holistic Pet Day?

International Whale Shark Day 

International Whale Shark Day is celebrated annually on August 30th. As you might suspect, this holiday celebrates one of the most misunderstood creatures in our oceans – the whale shark. This holiday was created in 2008 by over 40 countries who were participating in the International Whale Shark Conference. The goal of this holiday is to raise awareness and provide a deeper understanding of this unique species, and an appreciation for the importance and need of preserving it.
Whale Sharks are harmless animals that reach lengths up to almost 50 feet, weigh 12 tons, and feed on plankton. The Whale Sharks impressive size and ample mouths, which open to about 5 feet, make them an awesome sight to behold. Sadly, in many parts of the world, whale sharks are vulnerable due to being hunted for their meat and especially their prized fins.
To celebrate International Whale Shark Day, learn more about Whale Sharks.

Frankenstein Day 

Frankenstein Day is celebrated annually on August 30th. You don’t need to be a mad scientist to discern that this holiday celebrates Frankenstein – one of the world’s best known fictional monsters. More precisely, it marks the anniversary of the birth, in 1797, of Mary Wollenstone Shelly – author of the original epic novel, “Frankenstein”.
First published in 1818, “Frankenstein” has become a classic novel in the genre of the macabre. There have been many movie adaptations of Ms. Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein”, some dating back as far as the silent movie era.
To celebrate Frankenstein Day, read this classic novel, or watch one of the classic “Frankenstein” movies.

National Toasted Marshmallow Day 

National Toasted Marshmallow Day is celebrated annually on August 30th. You needn’t be a confectioner to conclude that this holiday celebrates one of America’s favorite campfire treats – toasted marshmallows. This holiday is sponsored by the National Confectioners Association. My research found no other details about this holiday.
The history of the marshmallow dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians harvested the sweet gooey extract of the mallow plant and used it to make candy. It was a very special treat reserved exclusively for gods and royalty. The modern-day marshmallows we know and love today emerged during the 19th century and are a confection made from egg whites, water, and sugar or corn syrup.
Personal preference dictates the degree of “toastiness”. Some people like their marshmallows lightly toasted, while others prefer a charred outer layer. The charred outer layer is achieved by igniting the marshmallow. Marshmallows now come in many flavors, colors, and sizes for maximum toasting potential. My personal preference is lightly toasted to a golden brown with a soft center – but I lack the patience to achieve my goal, so I usually end up with marshmallows flambé.
With summer coming to a close, today is the perfect opportunity to invite friends and family to gather around a campfire and toast up some marshmallows. To celebrate National Toasted Marshmallow Day, toast some marshmallows to your desired degree of toastiness. All you need is a heat source and some marshmallows. If you have some graham crackers and chocolate bars lying around, you can make a sandwich with your toasted marshmallows – but wait, that’s an entirely different holiday which I have already covered in this BLOG.

Listed below are some other holidays celebrated on this date that deserve mention. 

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