Local Businesses, Pastors, the Naval Academy, the Metric System, the Homeless, Angel Food Cake, and Cake Decorating

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According to the National Day Calendar, there are more than 1500 national holidays every year – meaning that there is at least one holiday for every day in the calendar year. All you have to do is choose which holiday(s) you want to celebrate. With that said, today’s holidays are listed below — so let the festivities begin. 

Good morning community-minded shoppers. Today is Sunday, October 10, 2021. October 10th is the 283rd day of this year, and 82 days remain.

Shift 10 Day 

Shift 10 Day is celebrated annually on October 10th. Although its name a bit oblique, this obscurely-titled holiday encourages us to support local businesses by making them at least 10% of your spending today. Shift 10 Day was created by Scott’s Marketplace. This holiday started as an online campaign aimed at building awareness for the shop local movement, and even the opportunities for shopping locally online. Our local communities are made of our friends and neighbors, and there is no better way to support your entrepreneurial friends and neighbors than to divert at least part of your consumer dollars to those who live among you.
It wasn’t all that long ago that local businesses were the foundation of our shopping experience. Mom and Pop shops, local craftsman and farmers, were all a part of a town’s local flavor, and multiple stops were made during the shopping day. We knew our neighbors and did business with them. But over the past few decades, the big-box stores have been the king. Walmart, Target, Costco, [et al] now command the greatest percentage of our monthly shopping expenditures. These big-box stores are geared toward one-stop shopping – which admittedly them more convenient than running all over town patronizing smaller, local businesses. However, they lack the friendly atmosphere of small businesses. Although big-box stores dominate the landscape and are expanding their operations every day, their generic cookie-cutter facades lack the personality of locally owned businesses. There is no one locally with whom to file a complaint, and there is no immediate feedback that lets them know how they’re serving your community. Every big box store has exactly the same materials and resources as every other big box store in the same chain, and thus there’s no individuality or special connection to their local community.
Celebrating Shift 10 Day is simple really, it’s right there in the name – shift at least 10% of your shopping dollars to local businesses today. Patronizing Farmer’s Markets and Craft Fairs is just the beginning. You should also look into local dairies, poultry farms, and other resources as a way to put your dollars back to your community.

Pastor Appreciation Day 

Pastor Appreciation Day (aka: Clergy Appreciation Day or Ministry Appreciation Day) is an unofficial holiday that is observed annually on the second Sunday in October.  As you might suspect, this holiday is a day to recognize the work of ministers, pastors, priests, and rabbis in the United States.
Clergy Appreciation Day was was originally called Clergy Appreciation National Day of Honor, and was created by a layperson, Jerry Frear, Jr. He was brainstorming with other church colleagues about how they might be of help to their minister. When he glanced at a calendar and noticed that it was almost Groundhog Day, he thought, “If they have a day for groundhogs, there certainly ought to be a day for clergy people in America.”
To celebrate Pastor Appreciation Day, simply make it a point to praise your pastor today to show appreciation for all that he/she does.
Full Disclosure:
Later in 1992, the same Jerry Fear Jr. went to prison for defrauding investors in his dot-com startup – some of which were his fellow parishioners.
However, the dubious actions of this holiday’s creator should not detract from its true intention – to honor clergymen.  

  1. According to Gallup research conducted in December 2012, about 77% of Americans identify as Christian.
  2. About 375,000 people serve as clergy in the United States.
  3. In 2002, Hallmark Cards published the first Clergy Appreciation Day cards.

U. S. Naval Academy Day 

U. S. Naval Academy Day is celebrated annually on October 10th. You don’t need to be an Admiral to deduce that this holiday celebrates the U. S. Naval Academy.
On this date in 1845, the Naval School (later known as the U. S. Naval Academy) opened in Annapolis, Maryland. The first class had 50 students, taught by 7 professors. The curriculum included mathematics and navigation, gunnery and steam, chemistry, English, natural philosophy, and French.
The Naval School officially became the U.S. Naval Academy in 1850, and a new curriculum went into effect, requiring midshipmen to study at the academy for four years and to train aboard ships each summer – the basic format that remains at the academy to this day.
To celebrate U. S. Naval Academy Day, learn more about the U. S. Naval Academy – and the other military academies as well.

National Metric Day 

National Metric Day is celebrated annually on October 10th. You needn’t be a numerologist to ascertain that this holiday celebrates the metric system – a 10-based system of measurement. This holiday was first celebrated on May 10, 1976. It was created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics the year after the Metric Conversion Act of 1975 was enacted. Because the number 10 is the “nuts and bolts” of the metric system, the 10th was chosen as the date to celebrate National Metric Day. This holiday was moved to October in the mid-1980s because October is it is closer to the beginning of the school year than May, and coincidently, or not, October is also the 10th month of the year. What better month and day to celebrate the Metric System – a 10-based measuring system.
Personally, I don’t understand America’s reluctance to convert to the metric system. With few exceptions, every other country in the world uses the Metric System. Other than arrogance and stubbornness, I can think of no valid reason for us to not convert to the Metric System. I theorize that within 5 years, with minimal cost, the conversion could be easily made. The metric system is based on the number 10, whereas the arbitrary system of measurements we use now has no such basis and is learned mostly by rote anyway. Why not start teaching our children the metric system in school beginning in Kindergarten or 1st grade rather than waiting until the 5th grade when our arbitrary measurements are already entrenched in their brains making the metric system harder to learn.
True, the conversion would be confusing to some at first, but we could begin with duplicate signage on our roadways, then slowly phase out the non-metric signage over time.
Most of our drinks already list the volume of contents of the package in both liters and ounces anyway, so that isn’t a problem. Items sold by the pound could just as easily be sold by the kilogram with little adjustment. Whether you pay $2.50 a gallon for gas or 82.3¢ per liter, it’s still the same cost.
Americans are if nothing else adaptable, so I don’t think that converting to the metric system would be nearly as difficult as people imagine. To celebrate National Metric Day, learn more about the metric system. Begin by trying to convert every non-metric measurement [miles, feet, inches, pints, quarts, gallons, etc.] that you see today to its metric equivalent. I’m sure that there is even a “app” available for that for your smartphone, so it shouldn’t be too much of a mental strain.

World Homeless Day 

World Homeless Day is an annual event on the 10th of October. Even if you have a permanent residence, you should be able to conclude that this holiday is to intended to draw attention to the plight of homeless people. This holiday focuses on helping homeless people on a local level and provides the opportunity for communities to respond to homelessness on a locally by taking advantage of the platform that an ‘international holiday’ provides.
The concept of ‘World Homeless Day’ was developed in online chatrooms between people working to respond to homelessness from various parts of the world. Since its founding, World Homeless Day has been observed on every continent except Antarctica, in several dozen countries.
To celebrate World Homeless Day, donate to a local homeless shelter and/or volunteer some time to help out at one.

National Angel Food Cake Day 

National Angel Food Cake Day is celebrated annually on October 10th. You don’t need to be a pâtissier to glean that this holiday celebrates Angel Food Cake – a world-renowned, light-textured cake.
Angel Food Cake is a light, flourless cake made with sugar, cream of tartar, salt, vanilla or almond extract, and a dozen or so egg whites, depending on the recipe. There is no other leavening added to the batter. Angel Food cake is typically baked in a tube pan. It is popularly served with berries and whipped cream, although it is just fine plain, or with a dessert sauce such as caramel, chocolate, or fruit sauce. It is theorized that  Angel Food cake originated in Pennsylvania Dutch country in the early 1800s.
To celebrate this holiday, simply have some Angel Food cake – either store-bought, from a mix, or if you feel adventurous, make one from scratch at home.
Author’s Note:
Angel Food cake can be tricky to make if you don’t know what you’re doing, so if you try to make one from scratch, follow the recipe directions meticulously.

National Cake Decorating Day 

National Cake Decorating Day is observed annually on October 10th. Again, you don’t need to be a pâtissier to discern that this holiday celebrates the art of cake decorating. The origin of this holiday is unknown, as is who created it.
Cake decorating is an art form that requires patience and experience. Decorated cakes are a way to augment the theme of any party or event.
Although, these days, cakes are decorated with intricate icing patterns, sprinkles, and even fondant by professionals, many professional cake decorators started their careers as hobbyists. Various reality television shows have even sprung up recently centering on cake and cupcake baking competitions.
To celebrate National Cake Decorating Day, stock up on all the supplies you’ll need – like pastry bags, decorating tips, sprinkles, sugar flowers, accessories, and cake toppers – and start baking. Why not invite some friends over tonight for a friendly cupcake-decorating competition.
Author’s Note
The earliest “cake” can be traced back to the Neolithic era. Archaeologists uncovered very basic cakes made from grains. These Neolithic cakes were determined to have likely been cooked over a hot stone and bear little resemblance to the cakes we know and love today.

Listed below are some other holidays celebrated on this date that deserve mention. 

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