Christmas Eve, Last-Minute Shoppers, and Eggnog

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Good morning my exhausted elves. Today is Friday, December 24, 2021. December 24th is the 358th day of the year, and 7 days remain.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, is celebrated each year on December 24th. You needn’t be Santa, or one of his elves, to deduce that this holiday celebrates the evening before Christmas. By definition, Christmas eve is the evening, or the entire day, before Christmas. It is a time of reflection and anticipation for the biggest holiday in Western culture.
Every family has their own individual way of celebrating Christmas Eve. Some use it to visit extended family members and close friends because they will be spending Christmas day with their immediate family. Some attend church. Some gather the family and sing Christmas carols. Others don’t do anything special to celebrate Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve is far more than just the day before Christmas and a time to celebrate with family. It has deep religious meaning to some, mostly in Western cultures. The details are far too extensive to cover in this post. For the full explanation, click this link.
I can offer you no suggestions regarding your celebration of Christmas Eve. As alluded to earlier, the celebration of Christmas Eve is steeped in family traditions, so you should simply celebrate this holiday as you and your family generally do.
Author’s Note:
Christmas Eve holds a special meaning to me and my family because it was also my mother’s birthday – R.I.P. (1910 – 1989).

Last-Minute Shopper’s Day

Last-Minute Shopper’s Day is celebrated annually on December 24th. You don’t need to be clairvoyant to conclude that this holiday celebrates exactly what its name implies – your last chance to finish your Christmas shopping.
Actually, this holiday is a big shopping day for some people who are hoping to get last-minute deals on Christmas gifts. Many malls and shopping centers have extended hours and great deals to lure these procrastinating purchasers into their stores.
If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, what the heck is wrong with you? Celebrate Last-Minute Shopping Day by getting off your procrastinating posterior and finishing your holiday shopping. It’s Christmas Eve, you moron!

National Eggnog Day 

National Eggnog Day is celebrated every year on December 24th (Christmas Eve). As you can easily infer from its name, this holiday celebrates one of the most popular beverages served during the holiday season – eggnog.
The origin of eggnog is often debated. Some believe that eggnog was originally developed in East Anglia, England, while others believe it originated as a medieval European beverage made with hot milk mixed with alcohol.
The traditional recipe for eggnog is milk, cream, sugar, beaten eggs, spices, and sometimes alcohol. The type of alcohol depends on the country where it is made. In Europe, eggnog is traditionally made with white wine. Americans drink it with bourbon or rum while Peruvians use pomace brandy and Germans use beer. Eggnog also may be added as a flavoring to food or drinks such as coffee, tea, bread, pies, cakes or puddings.
There are a few theories about how eggnog actually got its name. One story claims that eggnog was first called “egg n’ grog,” which was eventually shortened to “eggnog.” According to other sources, the name comes from the Old English word for “strong ale” – “nog.” This theory suggests that the combination of the words “egg” and “nog” refers to any drink that contains both eggs and strong alcohol.
Regardless of how it got its name, eggnog has been a favorite holiday beverage for centuries. So, if you are so inclined, celebrate National Eggnog Day by making a batch of eggnog  today. Remember, omit the alcohol, or make a separate batch, if you will be serving it to youngsters. *
*Alway drink responsibly!

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