Fun Math Formula

The simple mathematical formula below will enable you to “guess” someone’s birth date & age.

Your subject will need a calculator; or a  pen or pencil, paper, and a rudimentary grasp of basic mathematics to make the calculations. (If they can do it in their head, then they’re just some kind of “freak”).

Have your subject enter the information below and do the calculations exactly as you tell them. After they are done, if they didn’t make any errors, you will be able to determine their month, day and year of birth, and their age from the answer they give you:
1) Have them enter their birth date, (month first, then the day of the month, then last 2 digits of their birth year). Important: Have them enter the day of the month on which they were born as 2 digits, even if the day of birth is a single digit, ie: 01 through 09. This is to avoid confusion between month and day of the month in the final answer.
2) Have them Multiply by 2.
3) Have them add 5 to the total.
4) Now, have them multiply that number by 50.
5) At this point, ask them whether they have already had their birthday this year or not. If they have not, tell them to add 1766 to the total.; if they have, tell them to add 1767 to the total.
6) Next, have them subtract the four digit year of their birth (4 digits ie: 1947).
7) Now ask them for the results.

If they haven’t made any errors in their calculations, the first digit (or 2 digits if born in October, November, or December) should correspond to the month they were born. The second set of 2 digits should be the day of the month that they were born. The third set of 2 digits should be the 2 digit year they were born. And, the last set of 2 digits will be their age.
Here is an example using my birth date (July 13, 1947):
71347 x 2= 142694
142694 + 5= 142699
142699 x 50= 7134950
7134950 + 1766= 7136716
7136716 – 1947= 7134769
(7) (13) (47) (69) = (7 is my birth month (July); 13 is the day of the month that I was born; 47 is the year I was born, and I am 69 years old).
Add 1 (one) to 1766 & 1767 on January 1st of each year and the formula will work indefinitely. I’ll update it every year on this BLOG, so it will always be current when you read it here.
Alas, the formula will not work with someone 100 years or older. !!HAVE FUN!!
Last updated: January 1, 2017.


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