January 12th – Hang In There

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Good morning resolution renegers. Today is January 12, 2017. Today’s reasons to celebrate are.

Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution Day

Well, it’s been nearly 2 weeks since you made your New Years resolutions.  Are you still keeping them or have you already abandon them? Is your interest in them is waning? Perhaps they don’t seem as important now as they did in your alcohol-induced stupor.
Well, suck it up buttercup – you still have a long way to go to achieve your goal. Those pounds aren’t going to disappear by themselves; you aren’t going to get healthier if you revert to your old habits; you won’t become a “better person” unless you keep working at it. Don’t give up on working for that promotion at work. Stick with your plan of becoming the “new, better, healthier, more successful you.”

National Pharmacist Day

National Pharmacist Day honors pharmacists and recognizes their vital role in medicine.
Pharmacists must be knowledgeable of the chemistry of all medicines. The role of a pharmacist is to be an integrated member of the health care team directly involved in patient care. After mastering biochemical mechanisms of action of drugs, physiology, and pathophysiology, pharmacists interpret and communicate their specialized knowledge to patients, physicians, and other healthcare providers.
Historically, the primary role of a pharmacist was to check and distribute drugs to doctors for a patient prescribed medication, but over the years, that role has changed. Modern pharmacists advise patients and health care providers on the selection, dosages, interactions and the side effects of prescriptions, along with having the role as a learned intermediary between a prescriber and a patient. Monitoring the health and progress of patients, pharmacists can then ensure the safe and effective use of medication.

Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day

I did extensive research on Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day this morning trying to make sense of it. When I “Googled” it, I found a plethora of references to this holiday, however, the general consensus seems to be that no one knows the origin of this “holiday”, the reason it exists, or to what it pertains – I could find no definitive answer regarding Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day anywhere.
Some websites suggested that it was a holiday for women to turn the tables on the “construction worker” types, and “cat-call” them while others suggested that it was a day for “alpha males” to congregate and have a feast.
Henry David Thoreau wrote the famous phrase, “In wildness is the preservation of the world.” But, how do you define wildness? One definition of wildness sees it as that part of nature which is not controllable by humans, yet that definition doesn’t seem apropos to this holiday. When you break Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day into its individual components it becomes a confusing hodgepodge of unrelated segments.

Feast – A feast suggests a celebratory meal (usually celebrating a significant event), but it can also be defined in the context of a “feast for the eyes” – or something pleasant to look at.
Fabulous – This suggests an event that is beyond ordinary – which this holiday certainly is.
Wild – I defined that above, untamed.
Men – Men are the male of the human species, no more, no less.

Using the definition of the words in context I surmise that we are supposed to either hold an extraordinary feast celebrating untamed men or spend the day” feasting our eye”s on rugged alpha males. So, we’re still left with no plausible answer to the question, What is Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day really about? I am reasonably sure about only one thing – that Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day doesn’t pertain to cannibalism.

Curried Chicken Day

Curried Chicken is a common dish in South Asia, East Asia, and the Caribbean. The main ingredients are chicken and curry (duh). The curry powder along with an array of other spices including masala powder, saffron, ginger, and so on (depending on cookery style), are mixed to form a sauce to blend in with the chicken. When making a true curried chicken, don’t reach for the curry powder. Instead, chicken is stewed in a sauce made from clarified butter (known as ghee) onions, garlic and a variety of spices such as cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric. Other ingredients include chilies and tomatoes. Curry powder made its way into recipes by way of Britain. Their long-time presence in India left a desire for the flavors of the East on the palates of many of the English. Curry powder and recipes with it existed as early as the 1700’s and curried chicken and other curried meat recipes gained popularity during the British Raj beginning in 1858.
Ladies, perhaps it is a day to “curry” favor with that “fabulous wild man” in your life by serving him a feast that includes curried chicken. Who knows?

Healthy Weight, Healthy Look Day

International Kiss a Ginger Day

National Marzipan Day 

Poetry At Work Day 

Work Harder Day

On this date

  • In 58 BC – Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon river signaling a war between Rome and Gaul, otherwise known as the Gallic Wars.
  • In 1773 – The first public museum in America was established in Charleston, SC.
  • In 1896 – At Davidson College, several students took x-ray photographs. They were the first X-ray photographs created in America.
  • In 1908 – A wireless message was sent long-distance for the first time from atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  • In 1915 – The House of Representatives rejected a proposal to give women the right to vote.
  • In 1915 – Congress established the Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • In 1932 – Hattie W. Caraway became the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate.
  • In 1942 – President Roosevelt created the National War Labor Board.
  • In 1943 – The Office of Price Administration announced that the term”Victory Sausages” should be used instead of the standard frankfurters/hot dogs/wieners.
  • In 1948 – The Supreme Court ruled that states could not discriminate against law-school applicants because of the applicant’s race.
  • In 1949 – “Kukla, Fran, and Ollie”, the Chicago-based children’s show, made its national debut on NBC-TV.
  • In 1955 – Rod Serling’s career began with the TV production of “Patterns.”
  • In 1960 – Dolph Schayes of the Syracuse Nationals became the first professional basketball player in the NBA to score more than 15,000 points in his career.
  • In 1966 – President Johnson said in his State of the Union address that the United States should stay in South Vietnam until Communist aggression there was ended.
  • In 1966 – “Batman” debuted on ABC-TV. Holy cornball humor.
  • In 1967 – “Dragnet” returned to NBC-TV after being off the network schedule for eight years.
  • In 1971 – “All In the Family” debuted on CBS-TV.
  • In 1986 – Space shuttle Columbia blasted off with a crew that included the first Hispanic-American in space, Dr. Franklin R. Chang-Diaz.
  • In 1991 –  Congress passed a resolution authorizing President Bush to use military power to force Iraq out of Kuwait.
  • In 1998 – Tyson Foods Inc. pled guilty to giving $12,000 to former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy. Tyson was fined $6 million.
  • In 1998 – Nineteen European nations agreed to prohibit human cloning.
  • In 1998 –  Linda Tripp provided Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s office with taped conversations between herself and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.
  • In 2000 – The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling, gave police broad authority to stop and question people who run at the sight of a police officer.
  • In 2006 – The U.S. Mint began shipping new 5-cent coins to the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks. The coin has an image of Thomas Jefferson taken from an 1800 Rembrandt Peale portrait in which the president is looking forward. Since 1909, when presidents were first depicted on circulating coins, all presidents had been shown in profile.

Noteworthy Birthdays

If you were born on this date, Happy Birthday. You share your birthday with the following list of illustrious individuals.

  • Jack London 1876 – Author  (“Call of the Wild”)
  • Herman Goering 1893 – 2nd ranking NAZI, and founder of the Gestapo.
  • Joe E. Lewis 1902 – Comedian
  • Woodward “Tex” Ritter 1905 – Country musician
  • Henny Youngman 1906 – Comedian
  • Ray Price 1926 – Country musician
  • Glenn Yarbrough 1930 – Folk musician (The Limeliters)
  • George Joseph Kresge 1935 – The Amazing Kreskin
  • William Lee Golden 1939 – Country singer (The Oak Ridge Boys)
  • Joe Frazier 1944 – Professional boxer
  • Cynthia Robinson 1946 – Singer (Sly and the Family Stone)
  • Drew Pearson 1951 – Sportscaster, former NFL wide receiver
  • Rush Limbaugh 1951 – Conservative talk-show host
  • Ricky Van Shelton 1952 – Country musician
  • Howard Stern 1954 – Radio personality
  • Kirstie Alley 1955 – Actress
  • Melanie Chisholm 1975 – Spice Girls (Sporty Spice)

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