October 1st – National Walk Your Dog Day

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Good morning lovers of healthy dogs. Today is Sunday, October 1, 2017. Today’s reasons to celebrate are:

National Walk Your Dog Day

Just like many of their owners, 40 percent of dogs…a total of about 17 million in the United States alone, are overweight. National Walk Your Dog Day seeks to remedy this by encouraging you to walk your beloved canine companion for at least 30 minutes every day. A 30-minute walk every day will make you and your furbaby happier and healthier and will meet national recommendations for heart health.
Diet, of course, is also a factor in your chubby pups overall health. I know it is difficult not to give in to the temptation of feeding your dog ‘people food’, especially when they look up at you with those forlorn puppy dog eyes, but if you want to keep Rover healthy, you’ll resist. What your dog eats makes a big difference in their energy level, which in turn, can help quell behavior problems. If you rid your dog’s diet of corn, wheat, sugar, by-products, and chemicals, you’ll see a major change in their behavior in no time at all. Be sure to make the changes in your dog’s diet gradually, or you take the risk of upsetting their delicate digestive system.

Inter-American Water Day

The Inter-American Water Day was created in 1992 by the Pan American Health Organization, the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, and the Caribbean Water And Wastewater Association and is celebrated on the first Saturday of October annually. Its aim is to highlight the vital role clean water plays in the well-being, health, and sustainable development of life. It is meant to express the existence of the shared values in all American countries, underline the sense of Pan-Americanism, and reinforce the collective interest in water, life, and health worldwide.

International Raccoon Appreciation Day

International Raccoon Appreciation Day started out as Racoon Appreciation Day in 2002 and was created by a girl in California. As the word spread, mainly to the girl’s relatives in other countries, the name was changed to International Raccoon Appreciation Day soon thereafter. It is celebrated on October 1st annually.
International Raccoon Appreciation Day was meant at first to show that not everyone despised raccoons and to discourage the many people who misguidedly tried to keep them as pets. It has grown over the years to include almost all animals that, while being an integral part of the local ecosystem, are considered by local residents as pests or nuisance animals.
The goal of International Raccoon Appreciation Day is to raise awareness about the value of all animals and to prevent the destruction of habitat so that they can continue to thrive in the wild. This could include raccoons and coyotes in rural parts of the United States or elephants in farming communities of Africa.

National Hair Day

National Hair Day is new to the National Day Calendar and is being celebrated for the first time this year. NuMe founded National Hair Day on October 1, 2017, to celebrate styling tools and hair care products that make our hair outstanding allowing us to feel our most beautiful selves. The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Hair Day to be observed annually beginning in 2017.
As most of you know, I have been glabrous for most of my adult life. While some of you complain about their occasional ‘bad hair day’, I have pretty much had a ‘bad hair life’. So, I have no reason to celebrate National Hair Day. If you are still among the follically encumbered, I can offer no guidance regarding how to celebrate this holiday. I leave you with this anonymous quote: “God made a few perfect heads, the rest he covered in hair.”

CD Player Day

The first CD player went on sale in Japan on this date in 1982. It cost $674 (a bit over $1700 it today’s economy). There were only 50 different CD’s available at the time and they cost about $14.00 each then (around $35 each today). Supply and demand quickly brought the prices down and increased the number and types of CD’s available.
Sales of CD’s and CD players have dropped sharply in recent years. Advances in computer technology, portable music devices such as MP3 players, and ‘cloud’ storage have rendered CD’s obsolete. Some people still buy them, but for the most part, CD’s are a dying breed.
To celebrate this holiday, hook up your ancient CD player and play the oldest CD you have.

Model T-Day 

On this date in 1908, the Ford Motor Company introduced the Model T in Detroit, MI. It was the first mass-manufactured automobile in America and revolutionized the automobile industry. The original Model T’s weighed 1200 lbs and cost just $850.
Look for Model T clubs across America to be sponsoring events in your area.

Fire Pup Day

Fire Pup is the all-purpose mascot dog of fire departments everywhere. Fire Pup is the hardworking canine that travels from elementary school to elementary school in the fire truck’s seat of honor, helping firefighters teach children about fire safety by being adorable. Fire Pup Day salutes these canine representatives.
Most people associate Dalmatians as the typical Fire Department mascot, but they can be any breed as long as their temperament allows them to interact well with small children.

International Day of Older Persons

You would think that International Day of Older Persons would celebrate old people, but that is only partially true. International Day of Older Persons is a United Nations holiday that seeks to combat age discrimination, so in that respect, it does celebrate old people.
Ageism stems from the assumption that age discrimination, and sometimes neglect and abuse of older persons, is a social norm and therefore, acceptable. It exists in all societies and is expressed in individuals’ attitudes, institutional and policy practices, as well as media representation that devalues and exclude older persons. In 2014, Governments around the world adopted a resolution at the Economic and Social Council that recognizes ageism as “the common source of, the justification for, and the driving force behind age discrimination.”
The theme of International Day of Older Persons for 2017 is: “Stepping into the Future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions, and Participation of Older Persons in Society.”  It is about emphasizing the contributions of older people in their families, communities, and societies at large. It focuses on ways to support full and effective participation in old age.
But, how do you define “old”? Chronologically and physiologically, age is finite, but emotionally and mentally, age is not. There is an adage that says “You’re only as old as you feel” so defining “old” varies from individual to individual. I know people who are 80 years ‘young’ as well as people who are 30 years ‘old’.
Celebrate International Day of Older Persons by taking a care package to a senior center near you. Engage them in conversation…you can learn a lot from them because they’ve “been there, done that’.

Intergeneration Day

Intergeneration Day is observed annually on the first Sunday of October and is designed to bring generations together. It provides the opportunity for people of all ages to learn from, and connect with each other.
Each generation has a lot to teach. Our parents taught us and we, in turn, taught our children. Let’s face it, in this ever-changing world, each generation has a lot to offer. Older generations are a living history lesson, while our children offer insight into the latest technology. Intergeneration Day urges us to share our knowledge with each other.
To celebrate Intergeneration Day, plan some fun activities in which all generations can participate. Start a family tree. Go on a nature walk and share with each other your knowledge of what you see. Have your kids teach you how to play a video game or how to actually use all of the features on your smartphone.

Homemade Cookies Day

Nothing makes a house smell like a home more than the aroma of freshly baked cookies. An unofficial holiday, Homemade Cookies Day encourages you to whip up a batch of your favorite homemade cookies today.
Although some “purists” might disagree, if your kitchen skills are non-existent, or if you are just plain lazy, buying refrigerated cookie dough or a box mix at the supermarket, then baking a batch at home, is perfectly acceptable today. Get busy! I don’t smell any cookies baking yet.

More Holidays

On This Date

  • In 1800 – Spain ceded the territory of Louisiana back to France. Later the property would be purchased by the United States effectively doubling its size.
  • In 1880 – Thomas Edison began the commercial production of electric lamps at Edison Lamp Works in Menlo Park.
  • In 1896 – Rural Free Delivery was established by the United States Post Office.
  • In 1903 – The first modern World Series took place between the Boston Pilgrims and the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • In 1933 – Babe Ruth made his final pitching appearance. He pitched all nine innings and hit a home run in the 5th inning.
  • In 1940 – The Pennsylvania Turnpike opened as the first toll superhighway in the United States.
  • In 1946 – The International War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg sentenced 12 Nazi officials to death. Seven others were sentenced to prison terms and 3 were acquitted.
  • In 1946 – The first baseball playoff game for a league championship was played. The St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers, 4-2.
  • In 1949 – Mao Tse-tung raised the first flag of the People’s Republic of China when the communist forces had defeated the Nationalists. The Nationalist forces fled to Taiwan.
  • In 1957 – Thalidomide, an anti-nausea drug and sleep-aid, was launched. For about five years it was commonly prescribed to pregnant women as a drug to deal with morning sickness. It was finally withdrawn from the market after it was determined that it caused birth defects.
  • In 1961 – British Cameroon (or Southern Cameroon) joined the Republic of Cameroon to form the Federal Republic of Cameroon.
  • In 1961 – Roger Maris (New York Yankees) hit his 61st home run of the season. This broke Babe Ruth’s long-standing major league record of 60.
  • In 1962 – Johnny Carson began hosting the “Tonight” show on NBC-TV. He stayed with the show for 29 years.
  • In 1971 – Walt Disney World opened in Orlando, FL.
  • In 1979 – The United States handed control of the Canal Zone over to Panama.
  • In 1989 – The authorized Charles Schulz biography, Good Grief, was published.
  • In 1989 – 7,000 East Germans were welcomed into West Germany after they were allowed to leave by the communist government.
  • In 1990 – President George H.W. Bush addressed the United Nations General Assembly and once again condemned Iraq’s takeover of Kuwait.
  • In 1991 – The Yugoslav People’s Army started its offensive on Dubrovnik during the Croatian War of Independence.
  • In 1992 – The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (S.A.L.T.) was approved by the Senate.
  • In 1998 – The United States government posted a $2.2 million reward for the capture of Augustin Vasquez-Mendoza. He was accused of killing an undercover United States agent during a drug purchase in 1994.
  • In 2001 – San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to ban Internet filters designed to keep pornography away from children at city libraries. The board left the decision up to the Library Commission to decide whether to install filtering software in children’s areas. A federal law in the United States mandated the use of the filters.

Noteworthy Birthdays

If you were born on this date, Happy Birthday. You share your birthday with the following list of illustrious individuals – and about 20-million other people.

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